Year of Kakoune for me. kak-lsp and Rust have been working pretty well.

The second time you lose an edit on Patreon is when you get serious.

Now editing locally.

*shakes fist*

On my lojban learening reboot, it has seriously gone like this:

Darmok on the ocean, Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra, Darmok and Jalad on the ocean,
Hal of S03E06, fixing the lightbulb in the kitchen

Essentially, Anki was initially nice, but not great at structuring the workload of dependencies--really good for your own notes as you make them, horrendously bad when it is someone else's. Obsidian waxed and waned because, really, not everything belongs in Markdown. RDF is the new siren song.

Making notes in .

So, semantically, rdfs:Bag vs. rdfs:subClassOf .

Might both be useful? Gut feeling that just the Bag relation is needed.

I'm looking for a Video Editor .
Which one do you recommend?

Haskell influence in Turtle:

:sdlc a skos:Concept
; rdfs:label "Software Development Life Cycle"
; rdfs:altLabel "SDLC"
; dc:description "The process of planning, development, testing and deploying software."
; rdfs:seeAlso ( :testing )

I've been neglecting the espresso machine.

So... today. Yes, that's two drops of Lugol's please.

So, this is what happened with the Freebase acquisition, it migrated a lot over to Wikidata. The new "Knowledge Graph API" was announced at the same time as the 6-month shutdown of Freebase.

It's been eight years and there is still a big red warning on this API.

Now HN Algolia is giving me recent RDF results. Must have been a partial index outage.

Learning Turtle instead of N3. N3 is likely rightfully abandoned.

Spending a lot of time kicking around to discover other ontologies. Really disappointed that there isn't a meta-ontology for ontologies, however, I have not yet dug into OWL 2 yet.

Too many of the RDF projects out there are making forests when some people just want a tree.

According to the HN Algolia search, no one has submitted a story about RDF in the last seven years to Hacker News.


Have to get everything out of Pocket as well. Wallabag?

The extensions issue with Firefox is mostly structural: many of the extensions I'm using with Firefox are to fix the brain damages of the "Modern Web."

Our frog was definitely boiled. At which point did we let it become normal that we would need extensions to remove trackers, advertising, annoyances or extensions to add accessibilities, archiving or organizing?

Now on the mission (medium priority) to disentangle bundled services from Firefox. Mostly this is a Sync & Credentials issue.

I might have to spare some Tezos for TabNine.

Or I just appreciate alliteration.

Firefox is really grinding my gears. Another mysterious "setting change" away from Swisscows to Google for search.


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