After a lot of gnashing of teeth I'm trying VSCode again for Rust.

Nvim/coc really started getting bad about rust-analyzer freezing after every save.

Fun fact, the "favorites" feature that would help organize your shopping list hasn't been implemented since Oct 2019.

I would cancel the account but they didn't implement that either.

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I've never used Instacart before.

Tried using it tonight.


This is like... someone almost learned how to use Ruby on Rails but then gave up half-way through.

Most frustrating experience with a shopping system I've ever had.

Possible I wondered into a snare with that particular link. :oh_no:

Interesting. My ability to reply to any toot has disappeared.

today is my day off, time to note more things on plan 9 :}

So I installed #fail2ban the other day on my small vps and during a load test I found out that it takes up more than 60% of the CPU during high load. I use(d) it to block annoying attempts to open random php admin pages (I don't even use PHP).

Figured out it's written in python and actually expected such a popular basic tool to be written in C for best performance...

So I started writing a mini clone in #rust and it can handle 300,000 lines/sec on 1 cpu core in first tests.

My site is finished (for now)

I'll put it up on my web server in a bit

We have decided to focus on documenting, and archiving, means of reusing and repairing older devices and programs. All of our tools are designed to work offline first, operate with little-power on older devices and operating systems. Operating this way, we can keep creating content while off-grid, and when our power and connectivity is limited.

Everything touching "Menu" (ignoring anything that has just completely errored out in my project setup...)

Sourcetrail doesn't completely explode on 9front.

This is pleasing.

I'm going to go full ironic and link to a social media record about deleting your social media:

Even deleting a Mastodon app from the phone has been a profound accelerator of thought.

A subordinate logo... related to the ⩈ logo project. Why yes, it does happen to have a very close UNICODE analog because I'm lazy. (Union Above Bar Above Intersection).

Still skunkworks mode.

Burning a 9front ISO. How quaint it fits on a CD-R with 200MB+ to spare.

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