Oops, I did it again. The B.Oops FOSS glitch effect sequencer (pre)release 0.3 is out now. And an introduction / quick start tutorial video:

@sjaehn is there an reading out there with how to connect all these tools together? I was looking, and it looks like the sequencer and samplers recommended are seperate projects etc.

@mycroft The B.Music project contains individual plugins which are intended to be used within the standard supporting DAWs (like or ) or other environments (like or ). It is no bundle. And there is no strict routing scheme. You can be creative :-).

@sjaehn yeah, I'm stoked to take a look, but without a hello world, it seems like a bit of research to understand. Any advice on where to start?

Did you take a look at the yt video in the original post? This is also a quick start guide. It shows hot to load B.Oops in Ardour (once it has been installed). And it shows how to add effects, to place the effects in the time line (sequencer pattern), and to set parameters and randomness. The rest is playing around. There are no strict rules. Try.

... or did you target on how to install the tools shown in the Video?

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