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I must admit myself interested in #Slackware 15, even though I'll likely never really run it. It's finally in basically an alpha state, based on the changelog. It's been years since the last release.

>IPv4, the old version of the Internet Protocol, or by IPv6, the current standard of the protocol.
This is the kind of optimism I like from wikipedia.

I am dangerously close to writing the entirety of /usr/share/X11/xkb from scratch. Did you know that the russian "phonetic" variant assigns keys differently to the default variant? In doing so, keybindings like ctrl+m are preserved – but only in certain programs!– which probably means you have to have explicit support for this. Notably, the problem this solves with e.g. xfwm keybindings is not solved in terminal programs (that I've tested), though it is on the command line itself.

Why do websites that are literally just forms disproportionately involve js compared to any other genre of website? :( there is a tool for this!

Sound, video, and pointer interaction all working on Android!

Sine wave demos are lazy, so here's something that's a bit more musical.

I am in a "type without using x finger(s)" situation too often... Sometimes I think about ergo keyboards but that's the last piece of this really, e.g. scroll wheels are bad.

Most of the keyboard stuff seems to be about posture, like split keyboards. I don't actually type that much either, making it less of a good idea.

I have a vague sense of some libraries being something like "abstractions over" and others being "building blocks for" that don't obscure the underlying system. Is there any sense to this as an established distinction I'm on the road to reinventing badly?

There is definitely at least one person who doesn't use a cloak on irc specifically to flex their ipv6 address. Not sure how I feel about this. Maybe jealous ;p

I put some things on a todo list of varying specificity/actionability. Now I'm not doing things that are on the list rather than not doing things that I was thinking about. At least I can't forget now, I suppose.

For me, installing Alpine Linux on a machine is the digital equivalent of putting on a fresh new pair of socks.

Does anyone use a plain git repo with different branches for different machines/environments in general? Seems like a really obvious solution but I usually hear people talk about doing something else with e.g. gnu stow.

Funny how programs which aren't vim can have "vim keybindings" basically just with hjkl. It means that if you have a similar editor which changes other things but still sticks to hjkl, those "vim keybinding" programs won't feel foreign.

In related news kakoune is somewhat fun. Gonna look into it more but the client-server thing of it makes me interested — don't want to have to deal with the "this file is already open" thing.

Daily reminder to install doas.

For fun, try `find . -iname "*json*.c"` in the sudo codebase. Or maybe `find . -iname "*.c" | xargs wc -l`.

>I'll link you to the source file so you can apply some changes if you want
>google drive link

Can people not?

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