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@mdhughes I actually really feel this. I've been working through a book on my Atari 800XL lately:

I mean, DUDE. This book was written to help people understand how to create arcade games on this magical new device that for many had JUST appeared in their house, and it teaches through lovingly crafted cartoons!

The thought and care that went into every page just oozes off the screen when you read this.

The whole process of moving through a book, working the examples, and generally being gently guided by the hand to the land of understanding is one I very definitely miss in this time of "in 20 minutes" videos :(

When you don’t create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. Your tastes only narrow and exclude people. so create.

— Why the Lucky Stiff

Thunar's bulk rename is perfect. Just does exactly what I want. I enjoy.

media players need a "stop after this song" button so I can decide I need to get up and do something but wait till the end of the song and not have to catch it between songs

"Have you ever *really* looked in /usr/share/X11/xkb" is like "have you ever *really* looked under your fingernails.

The only thing worse is everything else, as usual.

Converted all my mp3s to flac. You can really hear the difference!

Why are there two different 2007 flatland films?? Can't they at least subtitle them differently or something, idk. Seem like fun films though, the production quality is something else at least on one of them.

@sirvertalot @VoteChess is hivemind vs. engine chess. Not exactly a proper chess app but it's something I guess.

no matter how much rebranding discord does it won't change the business model from "uber for killing communities"

wlroots has dropped all of its session code in favor of libseat!

Next up is Weston, it got initial support for libseat a few days ago.


Now every month or so, she'd get a knock upon the front door
Just one of the neighbors,
Actin nice, although she was a strange girl, really
Say, "Lucy, want to join me for some lunch??"
Lucy would smile and say "I'm busy, thank you much"
And they would make a weird face the second the door shut
And run and tell their friends how truly crazy Lucy was
And lucy knew what people thought but didn't care
'cause while they spread their rumors through the street
She'd paint another masterpiece

the 4-layer sandwich conjecture would explain why I feel like it's /too much/

i draw a soft limit at 3 layers
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