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CPU was at 91C with nothing really happening. Checked htop and pulseaudio was using 99% of my CPU... I didn't even have any sound playing. This is maybe the second or third time I've ran into this. I just killed the process and now temps are down in the 70s again and fans have quieted down.

The more I use Bandcamp, the more I like it. Other than the high commission, it seems to be a really good platform for getting DRM-free music while supporting artists.

#Bandcamp #Music #DRM #DRMfree

If access to this is legally mandated, it gives special status to that style of network and those specific institutions become more powerful in a way which is harmful for people.

I fear that as laws are passed about this stuff they will not meet the correct amount of generic/specific balance. Imagine if IPv4 access was a legal requirement!

From both a social and technological perspective this kind of stuff seems like hell. Not sure if it's a problem that's actually being encountered though.

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Is the legal codification of internet standards a bad thing? Well, obviously yes, but is it a problem that's being encountered?

e.g. GDPR makes references to parts of specific protocols presumably, and seperately some people have been advocating to make web access a right, which seems like a terrible idea. Even if it's replaced with "internet", because there's nothing fundamental to this style of network (router, ISP, backbone), and in many ways other designs would be better.

One day I'll be cool enough to put two spaces after full stops. Not for a while though, I imagine. is a pretty nice site.

I made this, I think the non-highlighted part is pretty good. Not sure what to do for the bit I selected in red though, specifically the outermost columns but also the second layer of the number keys.

I was frustrated at every availible keyboard seeming flawed and while this isn't perfect it's definitely progress towards what I'd want a keyboard to do. ISO-10X is Not Good.

A virus that injects <marquee> at the start of every website.

Also fun fact: I am immune to spinning platformers.

I imagine this is what lisp programmers mean when they say that after a while you don't see the brackets.

UK politics, NHS 

"An amendment designed to protect the NHS from being subject to any form of control from outside the UK in a future post-Brexit Trade Deal has been voted down by 340 votes to 251 in parliament last night.

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas put forward the amendment with the support of Labour leader Keir Starmer and a number of other senior MPs..."

Today's words of "wisdom": Unless you have an actual reason not to, use the default software choices and leave config options at their default values. Your future self will thank you when you don't have to troubleshoot at some inopportune moment.


"A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services."

The code blocks you see on websites where you have to scroll horizontally are shit.

Why would anyone ever want that?

Learning to type better. It's easier than I expected and not at all relearn-everything-bad-habits-impossible as I feared. Not faster but I can touchtype more accurately now, even if I disagree with some prescriptions for finger-key correspondences (ring finger for z is good).

I'm using gtypist, I like the style of lessons. It's not some "learn from your mistakes" thing like I remember others in the past being.

The amount of times I run `pulseaudio -k` is too damn high.

I spent a while thinking about the success of LLVM, partially due to its permissive licensing.

I've concluded that it's more important for free software to be good than for all software to be free, and that aiming for the first one is how you get the second one anyway.

In a game I play, a new version is making it so that levels are stored in a database instead of in folders containing the relevant assets, and more than once I've edited these for performance reasons. The developer says that it causes more problems and annoyed users.

This makes me sad. I'm not sure how to fix this problem overall. Less people accidentally corrupting their games is a good thing, but so is what I'm doing.

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Things like /usr/bin/which (yay, I finally got an excuse to run $ which which), are good.

Being able to easily introspect a system is nice and is why plaintext files are good.

Things like $ packagemanager --info $packagename; and having a link to the project homepage and source repository are good.

Why is LaTeX so sloooow? I can compile DMD in less time than it takes to compile a ~200 line latex doc.

My packages aren't working for arcane reasons as well. Complains about "too many }'s". This is not the case. If I add a { in at random places it produces different kinds of corrupted output. Luckily there are so many packages to choose from 🙃.

On a positive note pandoc is pretty good. Nice syntax for tables and footnotes. You can get footnotes to be away from the main text in the source now.

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