Next on the list to test and compare are editors.

What are the absolute minimum "must have" features of an editor? If anything else please comment

@simpletools Multiple-cursor support (SubEthaEdit, Sublime Text) is a feature that is increasingly hard for me to work without.

@simpletools Well, copy/paste, search/replace and line numbers are essential if you need them for a task. Counting to line 5374 without line numbers basically is impossible. Same for copy/paste and search and replace. If you need one of those functions in a file, there is no reasonable substitute for them.
Syntax highlighting/check is worth a lot but can be done with an external program if really necessary.

@simpletools Dark mode, multiple cursors, multiple panes

Absolute minimum? Have vi key bindings and modality. Be vi. Nothing else.

I used to use nedit every day, all day, but it's pretty much dead now and has no unicode support.

Notepadd++ is now my favourite: block editing, multiple cursors, side-by-side tabs and plugins (very useful: compare), and it does not lock files, so it can update if the file on disk changes. But if course it's Windows only ... :(
It's really kind of sad that there's no equivalent on Linux. Sublime gets close but isn't really free.

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