Which stacking windowmanager do you prefer?

This is the part 3 of this poll, please note the other parts as well

4 people answered "other" by now. Please note all parts of the poll.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Alltogether you can vote for:

* 2bwm
* berry
* cwm
* evilwm
* fluxbox
* fvwm3
* icewm
* jwm
* openbox
* twm
* windowmaker

And comment if your favourite stacking and lightweith X window manager is not on this list.

@simpletools Openbox is powerful and really nice to work with, the xml configuration is a bit annoying if you aren't using something like obconf to configure it though.

@simpletools exwm inside emacs.
And you will never have to leave emacs again.

@simpletools yeah you got a point, but there is no reason not to..

@comcloudway Well, running emacs just to run a X11 window manager fails the criterion "lightweight".

@simpletools Actually misunderstood your post, I suppose exwm is more like a tiling window manager.
A blog post might still be interesting though

@simpletools Ah, I missed those polls. Tried seeing if they were threaded in the poll I responded, but they weren't so I wasn't able to see them.

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