Added a section about file managers at featuring

Enhancements and additions are welcome.

Time for YAP (yet another poll ;-))

For those people who are using a Linux Distro and are NOT running

Which init do you use?

If other: please comment.

If you are using another Unix system with an unusal init, comments are also welcome.

And: if you are using systemd in an extraordinary way (e.g. combined with s6), this would also be interesting.

It seems that Architect is gone for good?
If so, then the "minimal installation" instructions for Manjaro on can be removed, I think.

I know this account has been quiet for some time.
As for now a little survey. What format do you prefer?

If other, please comment

SimpleTools is now available at

This isn't perfect yet. Conversion from Dokuwiki was done with dw2markdown | md2gemini, plus a lot of sed voodoo and hand editing. So, there is no complete automated conversion process yet.

Sorry for the delay, but here we are. Eleven text editors are now listed at the wiki, including screenshots:

There are some gaps to fill in the articles, especially the feature check matrix. Help is welcome.

Next on the list to test and compare are editors.

What are the absolute minimum "must have" features of an editor? If anything else please comment

Thanks for your anwers regarding fonts in your X terminal emulator.

Bitmap fonts are simpler and do consume lesser memory than TTF fonts. Downside is, they are not scalable and do only look good at certain sizes.

Two of of the most popular bitmap fonts for the terminal are the default "fixed" and "Terminus"

But there are more, here is a site with an overview available monospace bitmap fonts:

A warm welcome to all new followers.

We would like to know: Which font do you use in your X terminal program?

And do you use a bitmap font or a TrueType font?

We added another installation walkthrough in our "minimal installation" section.
This time for

Finally we have finished testing window mangers

Have a look at our comparison and recommendations:

We added a section for instructions on how to do a minimal installation of operating systems - and we started with

The window manager poll is finished.

And here are the results of the Mastodon jury 🙂

openbox 9 votes
fluxbox 8 votes
cwm 4 votes
icewm 4 votes
windowmaker 2 votes
twm 1 vote
2bwm 0 votes
berry 0 votes
evilwm 0 votes
fvwm3 0 votes
jwm 0 votes

4 people answered "other" by now. Please note all parts of the poll.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Alltogether you can vote for:

* 2bwm
* berry
* cwm
* evilwm
* fluxbox
* fvwm3
* icewm
* jwm
* openbox
* twm
* windowmaker

And comment if your favourite stacking and lightweith X window manager is not on this list.

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Which stacking windowmanager do you prefer?

This is the part 3 of this poll, please note the other parts as well


Which stacking windowmanager do you prefer?

This is the part 2 of this poll, please note the other parts as well

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