Paused Mr Robot s03e03 on this screenshot for a closer look. Did a whois on that IP address. NBC Universal...hmm, let's visit that IP address, takes me to . Looks like i found an easter egg!

@simon I have never watched Mr. Robot, but that is surely a very realistic hacking show.

@danct12 they keep logging into the desktop environment as root though. really bad practice!

It’s a Kali thing, @simon, and IIRC they are non-persistent environment running on RAM disks. Heck Eliot even wipe things out the hard way multiple times.

If you haven’t seen the show, @danct12, I highly recommend it, not for the hacking (which is cool and the theme makes it more engaging) but for the good drama writing, well-composed music and trippy visuals.

@cnx @simon Kali Linux is a persistent distribution, I think you're referring to Tails.

Kali Linux by default used to only have the root user, but now they made it run without being a root user by default.

@danct12, I was referring to the actual set-up environment. It can be installed to hard disks, but you can also use it live (dd to a disk even for better speed) or install to boot on RAM disk. I’m actually on a NixOS install where the / is mounted from tmpfs with only /home, /etc and /var/log persisted.

@cnx @danct12 @simon Watched it when it came out..i liked it, but think i only lasted through S01.

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