My kids are asking me for on their laptop because they want wobbly windows that shatter into pieces when you close them. Do not underestimate the power of these kind of features to win users and make computing and tinkering fun!

@simon @proactiveservices sometimes when a programmer and a project love each other very much

@simon how times change, I guess. My fun was always getting rid of those fancy animations and useless stuff, back in the days.

@nodq they are off by default, but only a couple of clicks away!

@simon yeh right. But according to your kids they would love that to be on by default, haha. :D Thats what I meant actually.

@simon I use subtly wobbly / translucent windows, and the cube animation for switching virtual screens.

I feel that unintrusive animations are not just eye candy: they help me spacially track things, so my brain knows that my email is "behind the right corner" and I just need to rotate my screen to get to it.

I just think the default speed of animations is annoyingly slow, so I make them really fast!

#kde #plasma #linux

@simon I want rain, show and fire like in #compiz, but they are not willing to implement them.

@polarhive @simon if you want to have some fun with them, run xroach without telling them. Cockroaches will start walking around and when they move the mouse the roaches scatter under windows. Then when the move a window, it exposes a few which then bolt under another window. Really authentic and creapy. It's an old app though.. not sure if it's still maintained.

@simon I started my Linux experience also with wobbly and fancy window animations. Nowadays I disable all animations even on Android 😂 🙈

@simon I run compiz over mate, so I have Mate as my desktop environment, with compiz running over it, and I get wobbly windows and exploding windows when they close. I went to Mate because KDE stopped doing the desktop cube, which is just as essential as wobbly windows. :) Compiz still has the cube.

@simon Oh, they brought it back! Hmm. I'll have to check that out. I might come back then.

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