I wrote a blog post about goads, dark patterns, and late stage capitalism. AKA why I want mastodon to succeed, and more

@simon regarding youtube: export your subscriptions to an .opml file, then import that into your favourite RSS reader. Use mpv + youtube-dl to watch the videos. This will get rid of the ads, works better, and doesn't expose you to their algorithm

@Matter thanks for reading. I would argue this is still kicking against the goad and rather painful process. I've got the family on newpipe on their phones but it won't get solved until there's critical mass on a more user-respecting service

@simon Part of the reason is that finding alternative products and services has a lot of friction - even if the alternatives is equally good. Because of google's dominance, marketing dollars end up concentrating new customers into a single product.

This is the reason why I think something like should be integrated into the browsers by default.

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