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I'm (re)joining the community! This will be my primary account, mainly tooting about mainly and geekery

masters of doom, micro review: kushner spent six years gathering the inside story for this tale of id software, the innovation behind doom, , subsequent massive success and growth of the industry. The relationship between Romero/Carmack is detailed in an engaging way, via access to many characters, and Romero's archives. The book is a great read for anyone interested in gaming/tech, and is an insight into brilliant but flawed individuals, and the trappings of success and hype.

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Today I discovered /dev/full. Let's talk about more not well-know Linux features - #rr

has an undercover mode, which quickly flips your UI to look like windows 10 for when you get hassle from paranoid members of the public when using linux. looks like effective.

Increased our filesystem to 2 PetaBytes. Happy days! :tux: :terminal:

This @joplinapp looks like it's shaping up to be *the* killer FOSS note taking app replacement for evernote. It even imports evernote format!

Open-plan office woes: If I'm wearing headphones at my desk, it means I'm trying to concentrate on something important and don't want to be disturbed. Ping me a message instead and I'll decide whether to interrupt my current work.

When my mum ran , I regularly had tech support calls from her. In addition, I regularly had to run malwarebytes and av scans on her machine. Even still, she caught various malware, adware and got scammed in a TeamViewer "this is your ISP" call. That was the last straw and I gave her @ubuntumate LTS, firefox and ublock. The only tech call in two years was dead batteries in a wireless mouse, there's no spurious popups. And the PC is still as fast as day one.

I have a hudl2 tablet running 5.1 (intel chipset) that I need to root in order to delete an annoying .ogg file that plays at startup, anyone please have any suggestions for a best approach to get root?

users ... Have you reset your advertising id lately? It's the persistent unique identifier used by Google play apps to identify/profile users and devices for targeted advertising. (iOS also has something similar)

we were in a meeting and at one point a colleague said <blah blah blah> "..if that's OK", and a voice (presumably google assistant) came from his pocket, saying "yes, that's OK". i have never been so freaked out by technology.

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> A useful abbreviation for your writings...q.g. : quod googla, "which you can Google"

How about "QMMI" (quod mea mea ite—"which you can Duck Duck Go")?

It has the advantage of not encouraging Google use *and* using actual Latin words instead of newly coined ones! :duckduckgo:

(The Latin translation might be slightly off; it's been a long time since I studied Latin)

A useful abbreviation for your writings...q.g. : quod googla, "which you can Google"

My son was excited because he had a whole day of ICT (school-speak for IT) at school today. Told him if he worked hard at school he can get a job where every day can be ICT day. Enjoy your ICT day today all you tech workers 😎

Top of the pops 1988: Mark Goodier invents the logo, 16 years ahead of time

A few weeks after adding a third 24" monitor on my work PC: it's definitely nice. with 3 monitors i seem to have less clutter, and more fullscreen windows in use.however the biggest productivity leap was going from 1->2 monitors, due to the reduction in window switching or fiddling around with half-width windows.

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