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I'm (re)joining the community! This will be my primary account, mainly tooting about mainly and geekery

On a related note. I was about to buy the Kindle version of this book and somehow noticed that the number of pages was different. Instead of the full version it's the first 2 chapters that were given away free. I reported to Amazon a month ago and they did nothing.

is it just me that gets this awful error window when starting ?

YouTube has really become the worst nagware.😡😡😡 Even switching back and forth between apps shows this relentlessly..every time. I hate myself for forgetting to use newpipe.

gaming is seeing a strong resurgence in our house lately. windjammers last night, followed by some bubble bobble.

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Before I sleep, my calendar has reminded me: Happy Stanislav Petrov Day everyone. On 26 September 1983 Petrov chose to exercise his common sense and in doing so prevented nuclear war at the cost of his career.

Heads up if you want a current (clone of ) version: 'snap install minetest' will give you the current 5.0.1 version, much newer than the apt repos. And thanks to some support from @popey , the kids were able to play the tutorial game after copying it to ~/snap/minetest/current/games.

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Sorry BBC, this is garbage. The words don't correlate with the discrepancies in the stats. And the methods of measuring this is totally flawed (30 min period of network activity, no consideration of local processing of snippets or bulk sends once a day)

very quick and dirty attempt at making a from my own handwriting with birdfont.

If you get tired of waiting a few minutes for to return a result, is a lot quicker, and doesn't require opening ports to the outside world

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I feel like I'm in a #fediverse bubble. Haven't followed some new people in the last time. Please send recommendations with your favorite accounts posting about #Linux, #Privacy, #IndieWeb and #FOSS.

Thank you! 🤗

Also feel free to boost to increase reach 🙈

Entertaining tour of a bunch of X windows tools and utilities. Think I've used about a third of these at some point on and

@kev @mike hey guys, i was thinking that fosstodon is nice and all, but sometimes it feels like i'm just following random strangers and wonder if anyone even sees my toots...perhaps we need a bit more community feel? Maybe a regular hashtagged weekly thread that's started/ promoted by the admins/mods, with a weekly question to promote a bit more interaction in a visible way,: e.g.: what's your dream job, tell us something we don't know about you,etc. serious or jokey. Thoughts?

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