More action spotted on screen in scandi drama Trom. Seems like the best cops use .

Linux in the media: Watching on BBC4, I spot a screenshot being show in an image viewer. It's on a PC showing CCTV footage, so it's totally out of context. The paludis config suggests it might be the Exherbo distro.

Mark Zuckerberg's only 2 comments on slashdot are from 2003: one promising to respect user privacy, and the other, shall we say, seems to show his immaturity/lack of awareness

settling in with the new for about a week now (durgod k320 with cherry mx browns). still haven't decided which one to keep at work and which one for home..

Requested my personal data from goodreads. "We will provide your information to you as soon as we can. Usually, this should take no more than a month." A month!

First Computer: Acorn Electron
Current Computer: XPS 9310 2-in-1
Best Computer: Supercomputer..OK maybe that dual socket pentium3 i had.
Favourite Computer: Archimedes A3000
Worst Computer: a dell laptop during the nvidia GPU overheating scandal that didn't get a recall
Prettiest Computer: XPS
Tastiest Computer: Raspberry pi

The lie is still perpetuated on the TV licensing website. Someone submitted an FOI request which was suitably dodged "I can tell you.. that TV Licensing detector vans do exist and are an effective means of enforcement" . I.e. the lie remains an effective deterrent in itself and we aren't giving it up.

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Occasionally I find myself thinking about TV detector vans. I'm the 1980s, and beyond, the claimed, via regular scary public service announcements that they could detect if you were watching a TV in your house, and could cross reference that with a list of non licence payers. This was an effective scare tactic in the pre-internet dark ages, but was a massive lie which they have never admitted to, and an unjustified lie IMO. Maybe the vans existed, but they didn't have the scanning tech 1/2

trying to give the impression of an unbiased dataset, when in fact they are just tagging some words after the user clicks submit, to massage the results. Guess which one is the diversity square?

News re: screen sharing on zoom with with : "the developers...stated that the fix (5.11.0) was for the Linux OS system (Fedora 35, Ubuntu 22, Centos 8 streaming and above), and they are still doing some tests on KDE on Wayland and will resolve the issues facing KDE & Wayland in a later release version."

Putting on this fire 5th gen requires shorting a very tiny pin. It shouldn't have to be like this.

Just found out that Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Win+L on windows takes you to LinkedIn. 😱🤬

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There's a real lack of content warnings all of a sudden. CW are a good feature that twitter doesn't have. Muting words is an ineffective sledgehammer and it feels like you are constantly second guessing or chasing your tail, where CW gives a choice to the reader for triggering or controversial topics.not everyone wants to read everyone's hot takes about US politics constantly, it feels too much like twitter doomscrolling


(eBay annoyance continued)...and the thing I hate the most.why do eBay allow mixing completely different items at different prices on the same listing? You click the link thinking the item is for sale at a certain price, and really there's a range at a higher price (e.g. SD cards) and one completely different item at low price. (SD card adapter)

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On the flip side, the seller tools have improved a lot, especially the integration of online postal payment and label printing

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I've been using as a casual seller and buyer for over 20 years. It's a shame they have barely updated the interface in that time. In some ways, it's worse than ever: 1) sooo many clicks to see completed items, despite it being something I do regularly 2) needing an extra click in the mobile app to see full description. Why??? 3) can't hide sellers from search results - if I do a search regularly and there's a result I don't want to see, I should be able to block it from appearing

Going means I have room for the . Yes I do have a numpad on this too.

i also never realised how much i press the enter key on the numpad until i went tenkeyless.

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