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Since joining I've realised that isn't dead, and even more so during the series. So I've shut down my medium account, bought a cool domain 馃槀 and been working on a Jekyll setup that works for me. I have a few interesting technical posts in the pipe but my introductory post is a nostalgic look at my life in games . Some initial encouragement and comments may lead to more regular posts from me! 馃槅

My made these figures for me. Good excuse to tidy my desk to make space for these guys

Has anyone ever seen evidence that submitting reports via spamcop actually works to reduce spam? Feel like i'm wasting my time. And most direct reports to abuse@ addresses i've tried either ignore, or reply to ask for confirmation they can forward your email to the owner (who may also be the spammer).

A new post. The third this month, i think that affords me the use of the hashtag!

Six hours spent on a chat session with Dell trying to get a faulty repaired under warranty. It's a war of attrition. Half of the call was then asking me questions that relate to a PC laptop, the other half I don't even wanna talk about 馃槶

When searching for a custom , i saw a few that have selinux=permissive. That essentially allows any app to backdoor your phone

why did i do it? 1) nervous about chinese spyware - see stories last year re: that. 2) my keyboard was laggy 3) no security updates since 2019-10

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Finally bit the bullet and put a custom OS on my phone instead of MIUI. I got nervous about Xiaomi a while ago, but was also nervous about wiping it for a custom OS built by some teenager in his bedroom.

Kindle app stopped working with any DRMed books on my tablet. Only non-drm books that i've sideloaded still work on the app After trying some troubleshooting, they concluded "my device is no longer supported". So the only way to read them is to strip . I learned a lesson here...

Surely I can do better than the total of 3 blog posts I managed in 2020.I wonder if one a month is too optimistic...

Hadn't looked at my rock and fossil collection in ten years or so. Didn't realise I even owned this beauty. Fossilized tooth from a megalodon or angustidens (prehistoric massive shark)

Starting tomorrow, I'm taking a 3 week digital detox and will not be looking at my phone , news or social media, etc. I might find it more tricky than previous years but will try to stick with it. If anything important happens it can probably wait...?

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This could be fun: "SolarWinds hackers accessed Microsoft source code"
Microsoft says this is no big deal as the company doesn't rely on the secrecy of source code for the security of its products.

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Anyone here interested in doing paid work on open-source software on a regular basis across multiple programming languages? There's an idea I would like to discuss.

Is there a name for someone who clicks the offers on epic,gog,etc but never ends up playing them?

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Things I learned today: Multi-Seat setup on Debian.

Because of how Linux user sessions work, I thought there must be a way to hook up two monitors, two sets of keyboard & mice, and split the displays between Intel integrated graphics and my NVidia GPU.

Debian has a guide on it and I was able to set it up so that my son and I could play Minecraft java edition with friends online. Worked like a charm with a standard Debian install (no VM's!)

If you survived today without setting fire to your workspace during a meeting, you're doing better than this guy

What's the feeling about instead of ? it's hard to separate truth from rumour.
after a few months of DDG, I found that I've shifted back to google because the DDG results sucked.

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