Emmc modded pmos edge phosh load times:

Power on to phosh login screen: 32.30s
Settings app start: 7.03s
Terminal start: 2.40s
Chatty: less than 1s (no messages in db)
Reboot time to phosh login screen: 42.69s
Firefox load pmos home screen : 7.43s

Would anyone care to compare these to an unmodified pinephone with a fresh pmos edge install on emmc?

I'm planning to flash edge on my backup Pinephone's eMMC soon, I'll report on load times.

But I can already say that when my current pmOS edge install on my main Pinephone was freshly flashed back in August, my FF load time was pretty close to 7-8 sec. Since then I've added a lot of cruft to the system, and load time is now more like 10 seconds.

@silverhax i can do that.
I have PostmakerOS PHOSH, can you provide me a link to the edge image ?
Does edge recognize the emmc mod out of the box or do i have to tweak a file ?

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