I noticed this rca tablet is about the same size as a pinephone and got carried away making nothing

I mean you could just print a little trim ring adapter plate kind of thing for the pinephone and then be able to use the usb keyboard case for the tablet, right?

with a spacer to fit a 7" tablet usb keyboard. It's "done" now with some post print modifications. I'll keep working on the model a bit more and then upload it.

I couldn't manage to reliably interface with the keyboard's pogo pins so I soldered usb wires directly to the pins and hot glued the bundle down. The usb wires plug into a usb2 to usbc adapter, and then it all snaps in the rca case frame. If the usbc plug is hot glued in place then the can slide in and out of the frame easily with one hand.

I wonder if we could cram a full convergence dock in the back instead of the usb host adapter...

@silverhax this came out a lot better than I initially expected from your first thought descriptions! great job! :D

@djsundog It sure feels weird basically photoshopping things into existence.

@silverhax Did you ever see Razer Project Linda? I wonder if you could make something close to that?

Or maybe just, take your current case, make it bigger, and add a built-in screen. Slide the phone in through the side, it plugs into a hub for keyboard, touchpad, tft usb display, and now you have a lapdock for your #PinePhone

@extraspecialk Yeah, but a more straightforward way to go might be something like the pitop raspberry pi case which wouldn't need any printed parts.

@silverhax I thought the keyboard connected over the pogo pins, not USB? That would mean you can't use USB devices at the same time as the keyboard. :( I wish the keyboard was also a USB hub.

@be This is an RCA tablet keyboard adapted to fit a pinephone, not the pine64 pinephone keyboard which is i2c and uses the pinephone pogo pins and (presumably) allows usb to also be used.

I think this keyboard could be made to have some open usb ports available if a convergence dock was used instead of passive usb converter.

@silverhax Reminds me of the perfection of pocket computing that was the Psion 5. [Ran on 2 AA batteries and had a slide-out keyboard that could be used for touch typing.]

The astroslide is coming. Same designer, supposedly it will dualboot android and linux(debian?).

@silverhax i don't have anything valuable to contribute, but i couldn't pass by this excellent bit of bodging without saying something ... absolutely delightful cc @hard_no I don't know if this is quite your ideal, but it might be interesting nonetheless.

@jmp_0xdeadbeef Actually it feels great for the most part, except for / moving next to space. My fingers hate that change.

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