bitching about conservatives 

Idiots are all out there trying to stick it to the government not realizing the gov is the only tool they have to stop corps from grinding their bones into paste for profit.

@chiraag @silverhax well to be fair, gov action isn't the only tool. I #boycott #Amazon, and have little sympathy for the pushover consumers who don't have the discipline to boycott. Consumers need to discover their own power, and use it.

@koherecoWatchdog Oh hell yes, individual resistance is super and I am participating in the boycott too (probably longer than most have... 7 years now), but amazon won't change their behavior unless the law AND the consequences compel them to do so. Losing a few customers is not enough when they are entering so many new markets so quickly.

@koherecoWatchdog @silverhax Individual action is not a substitute for government protection, though. And that's not even bringing in the issues with affordability and such (I buy ethical products and boycott Amazon/Walmart/etc because I can afford to, but many people don't have that luxury).

If we don't change the way the means of production are organized, *nothing* will change because the incentives are all aligned in the shittiest direction.

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