, the protocol decoder library (library is written in C, decoders are written in ), now supports the new Maxim DS2408 protocol decoder (a 1-Wire 8-channel addressable switch).


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Awesome new video by @tnt showing multiple options of USB protocol capture, decoding and analysis. Including a new solution using iCEBreaker to capture 96MSPS, and decoding the data in @sigrok Also featuring the amazing OpenVizsla! youtube.com/watch?v=JjU5OQCWgm

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, the logic analyzer / oscilloscope GUI, now has initial session setup save/restore support.

You no longer have to remember your session setup, which decoders you added, which decoder settings you used, and so on...


@rodorojas That looks strange, shouldn't happen. Looks like a Python-internal error. Why is Python in /usr/local? Did you compile it from source? Are you sure it should be working correctly? The _POSIX_C_SOURCE warnings can be ignored, the problem seems to be linker-related (last few lines).

Looks like you dropped by on IRC; someome tried to answer but you were already gone again at that time. If possible please stay on IRC a bit longer to allow for answers when people are around.

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After figuring out from the Chinese datasheet that the part requires an init sequence I found a very helpful thread on @HennerZeller rpi rgb led matrix repository. You should read it if you want to know the details: github.com/hzeller/rpi-rgb-led Attached are the init signal traces.

Nice integration of decoders done by @tnt@twitter.com during/after .

This is currently invoking sigrok-cli from the gtkwave scripting facility, nicer integration will be available once the current sigrok architectural restructuring that we're working on is finished.


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Dear folks, if anyone happens to have a BusPirate, LogicPirate, LogicShrimp, or USB IR Toy on-site, it would be great if you could drop by the assembly with the devices for some quick driver fixing/testing. Thanks!

Location/map: sigrok.org/blog/sigrok-35c3

There'll be a assembly at (CCC Congress in Leipzig, Germany) during the next 4 days.

We'll be working on random stuff, feel free to drop by for a chat!

On day 3 there'll be a lightning talk by Soeren Apel (@abraxa), make sure to check it out!


has joined the ! We'll be posting announces and random other stuff over at @sigrok, with additional stuff from individual developer accounts.

Quick : sigrok is a FOSS project for all kinds of test&measurement gear, including logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, multimeters, programmable power supplies, and lots more.

Portable libs, protocol decoders written in , various CLI and GUI frontends.

Website/wiki: sigrok.org


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