now supports the SPI-based nrf905 decoder, used for the Nordic Semiconductor nRF905 433/868/933MHz transceiver chip protocol.

A new bunch of protocol decoders is now available: ad5626, ad79x0, adxl345, ltc242x, and ltc26x7.

All decoders stack on SPI or I²C and were contributed by Analog Devices Inc., thanks a lot!

0.4.2 released! Lots of new features, e.g. saving session setups, GUI translations, easier decoder selection, decoder annotation filtering/hiding, "binary" (WAV, PNG, PCAP) decoder output view, handy key shortcuts, tons of bugfixes.

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@sigrok, you rock! My new oscilloscope (Hantek 6022BE) works plug-and-play, displays beautiful captures in PulseView and has managed to decode everything I threw at it so far, despite my improvised physical setup.

Recent features you might have missed: annotation export in various formats (printf-style spec), protocol decoder subwindow which allows nicer PD selection and stacking.

0.5.2 is released!

Roughly 40 or so additional devices (or whole device series) supported, improved USB HID support via HIDAPI, Bluetooth/BLE support (Linux-only for now, via BlueZ), and tons of improvements and bugfixes.

now supports the MASTECH MS6514 2-channel, USB-based thermometer.

It supports K,J,T,E,R,S,N thermocouple types.

Full teardown and protocol docs available in the wiki.

recently gained and support.

Currently only a based, ( only) backend is implemented. Contributions for other OSes welcome!

Supported devices so far: 121GW, , some DMMs with Bluetooth cables.

0.5.3 is released!

New decoders: lin, x2444m, ds2408, cc1101, enc28j60, pca9571, seven_segment, amulet_ascii, tdm_audio, signature, nes_gamepad, flexray, ir_rc6, ieee488, hdcp.

Total PDs supported in this release: 109.

sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw 0.1.7 has been released!

Adds support for the YiXingDianZi MDSO and support for FX2-based LAs to sample at 48 MHz (as long/short as USB bus conditions allow).

Fixes a few bugs for oscilloscope devices and some sdcc related issues.

The pre-built binaries in the form of are now being built on a more recent OS (Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus from 2016) since we now require more recent versions of some libraries, e.g. .

The new AppImages should thus run fine on any somewhat modern Linux distro more recent than roughly 2016.

Downloads are available from here, as always:

If you notice any issues, please let us know.

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Wow, this little logic analyzer for 10 bucks (and @sigrok) make suuuuch a difference working with hardware, it's unbelievable. With all the debugging options I have now, I might just be able to get the original design with the PIC working...

now supports 100 different protocol decoders!

The latest addition was a TI CC1101 decoder, stacking upon the SPI PD.

Looking forward to your contributions so we can get to 200 decoders next 😉

, the protocol decoder library (library is written in C, decoders are written in ), now supports the new Maxim DS2408 protocol decoder (a 1-Wire 8-channel addressable switch).

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Awesome new video by @tnt showing multiple options of USB protocol capture, decoding and analysis. Including a new solution using iCEBreaker to capture 96MSPS, and decoding the data in @sigrok Also featuring the amazing OpenVizsla!

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, the logic analyzer / oscilloscope GUI, now has initial session setup save/restore support.

You no longer have to remember your session setup, which decoders you added, which decoder settings you used, and so on...

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