What packages do you use in emacs for C/C++ programming?

@siarie I use eglot + ccls. Also tried old way of doing things with ctags, but its harder mentally.

@w96k haven't tried elgot before. Maybe I will give it a try.
Anyway thanks...

@w96k I heard that elgot has better performance than emacs-lsp. Is it true?

@trangu I'm just getting started with C anyway. And I don't know exactly what you mean. If what you mean is about coding style, maybe I'll go with Linux coding style.

@siarie apologies for not being clear. I'm not an expert in Emacs and I thought that information would good enough to tell you the packages/modes I set up for C++ ^_^u

Maybe a more human friendly translation is default c++ mode with some tweaks for curly braces, spaces/tabs, and highlighting.

@siarie I have never installed packages besides built-in packages for coding in C. By reading your thread, I think I should try elgot. 😅
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