"From 2015 to 2019, #Iceland ran the world's largest trial of a shorter working week. An analysis of the results was finally published this week, and surprise! Everyone was happier, healthier, and more productive. Please pretend to be surprised."

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@futureisfoss thanks for linking to the discusson with @devinprater. I'm not an accessibility expert in any way but I try to be conscientious. My friend uses a screen reader and they'll /happily/ read formatting. It's better when the formatting informs speech synthesis (cadence and enunciation) instead of just stirring the unicode alphabet soup!

@futureisfoss I understand that the protocol is "set" and there won't be any changes. I also agree that "someone writing a gemini page can focus more on the content itself than how it looks".
The only point I'm making is that bold/italics/strike-through ARE content not just decoration. Since gemtext is markup it won't break accessibility.
I understand that I could just use "standard' symbols, but which flavor */~+ have different meanings in various markups. A plain-text standard would be nice.

Gemini is crazy easy to get a capsule setup and going, especially using pages. I literally setup this test capsule using on my phone: gemini://gem.shom.dev

I definitely think there is room for http and gemini, different use cases. I do wish that gemtext supported very basic markup on text decoration, namely bold, italics, and strike-through because those convey tone. Tone is content not presentation.

Just used an excellent package for uploading text/files/clipboard to 0x0.st (a pastebin site). Package made by nackjicholson on libera.chat, met him on channel run by @daviwil

The package isn't in melpa yet, but you can install it from gitlab: gitlab.com/willvaughn/emacs-0x

I'm under the impression that librepay actively discourage one-time payment (and don't provide a mechanism for it either, unless you manually cancel support), since they want the recepients to be able to count on a steady revenue.
That being said, I wish they provided a means "flush the buffer" when making changes. I updated my contribution from $10 to $20 /year but it won't pay out until the next scheduled time based on the previous charge.

@yarmo I took a lot of concepts from the layout and made a similar one with just plain qmk on corne. Homerow mods take a bit to get acclimated to but so comfortable once the muscle memory is trained. Enjoy tweaking!

Any / users have suggestions on choosing between and ? Ideally, I'd also like to use a text based configuration system so I can apply all settings to all machines easily.

is too minimal, I still want to have a clock, notification center, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth indicators.

@huy_ngo Thanks! So sharing by url is probably the best way to go since you can't add commentary when you boost.

@Nujtag thanks, I appreciate the feedback! I have seen some nature photographers do that to zoom in on animals or landscape so I thought I would try that on Pixelfed and it works great!

Looks like they are random snippets from different (potentially) functioning codebases. In other words, it's excellent marketing!

@murph @phooky

What's the best way to share a post from Pixelfed so it keeps Pixelfed's rendering?

I have this "panorama" split into three segments which are seamlessly scrolled on the Pixelfed UI but show's up as three separate images in Mastodon.

Here's the post in question.... I don't think boosting it is the right answer?!

@wholesomedonut I know it might seem like you're "wasting" time you don't have but... Creating a team charter, a dev process, and communications expectations will pay off significantly. And all of that doesn't need to take more than 30-45 minutes.
Collective buy-in and accountability via a common foundation will help make it a more enjoyable experience.

Sounds fun, good luck!

Looking for people who regularly use screen readers to browse the web.

A dev version of [1] currently has 100% score by [2] and 0 errors according to WAVE [3] but still I'd hope to receive some real-world feedback and ensure what I develop can truly be used by all.

Boosts appreciated.

[1] dev.keyoxide.org
[2] web.dev/measure
[3] wave.webaim.org

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