Thanks for sharing that... Here's another idea to consider: keep SMS support but it has to be explicitly enabled from settings (SMS intent shouldn't show until then either). Thoughts?
Given how Signal & SMS are polar opposites for privacy, it's almost dangerously intermingled in the app. One accidental long press of the send button shouldn't neutralize Signal's protection (more important with username based registration in the hopefully soon future)!
@mike @cooper

@mike @cooper yes, I wish signal would drop sms support and just be a secure messaging app. This will cut down on a lot of confusion and poor user experience. Also, this is an Android only feature it will also bring feature parity (by removing feature) and make casual tech support for evangelists easier.

@fink I just got a Corne split ergo keyboard and I'm using Gateron clear 35g linear switches. How about you?

@fink hadn't come across it. I'll check into it, thanks for pointing it out.
I have been switching keyboards so I have not yet switched to Colemak.

@pyrho thanks for sharing your experience. I do type a lot of prose and I've switched to a split ergo mechanical keyboard, which has been a good investment.

@federico3 that's interesting, thanks for sharing! I would love to hear more about your findings. So far what I've come across is similar to the information here: github.com/bclnr/kb-layout-eva and rates Colemak-dhm and Workman above Dvorak for movement and bigram ergonomics.

@douginamug @derwinmcgeary condensed is also how it makes the most sense to me. This Numberphile video explains it the same way: youtube.com/watch?v=4Lb-6rxZxx
The channel has lots of other great math/paradox videos.

@jetgirl never heard of those, that's exciting! I was shocked to see the price until I realized they come in packs of 25.
Did you get the 62 or 67 g? Doesn't seem like that big of a difference. Enjoy!

@jrss sorry I was on the run and didn't have time to look it up. I was thinking of this project: github.com/xeals/signal-back. Again, I haven't tried it but looks promising.
And yes, the compliment was on your post and all your blog posts. You clearly think deeply and explain your process well, I enjoy them, keep them coming!

@jrss Signal on Android has backup support (I syncthing my auto backup to my desktop). These backups are encrypted with your recovery key and can be decrypted giving you your data back. Clearly there's some analogous mechanism going on for iOS, they introduced data migration between devices, but to my knowledge the user has no control over that. So, data ownership in Signal isn't an explicit feature but available on Android.
As always, good thoughtful content.

@carl replied with the reply button workflow, it works. Nice!

@davidak if I'm understanding this correctly this is essentially how Staticman does comments: github.com/eduardoboucas/stati

@carl I like your fediverse implementation, great work. It should cut down on anonymous spam. I think a Reply/Add comment button (not a text field) next to the Load button would be nice and it can link to: linuxrocks.online/interact/105

Thanks for participating all, good to see there are a few users around here. I'm planning to start with Colemak mod-dhm on a split ortho linear keyboard.
If anyone stumbles upon this in the future, there was a lot of good discussion on this other thread: fosstodon.org/@shom/1054437117

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@nilesh agreed if non-CTOs participate. But if there any CTOs then those are the ones you want (I imagine). You're right, the likelihood of finding CTOs are low and they're probably not your target anyway. Just interested in such a poll to begin with, good luck!

@nilesh why not start a poll here too? Maybe there are some CTOs on the fediverse. Looking forward to seeing the results!

Hey fediverse, what layout are you using? Vote for and comment for other layouts.
Would love to hear your thoughts on Colemak and Workman specifically. Boosts appreciated.

@cadey excellent, thanks for the insights they were helpful. Looks like I'll be starting with mod-dhm... hopefully soon!

@edel @huy_ngo about github, this is what I do. If you add the other remote (like codeberg/gitlab) in addition to github then you can alias your git push to:

git remote | xargs -L1 git push --all

This will push everywhere you want, so you don't have to bother mirroring, everyone is a 1st class gitizen!

@Mimmolucio you can do anything in C but doesn't mean you should. Definitely wouldn't be the best language to choose for finance app (regardless of platform). Unless you're targeting embedded application on bare metal, going the C route will only slow you down.
You could take a look at Rust, if things about C appeal to you (like strongly typed, works at any level). Rust will keep you from falling into rabbit holes and has a lot of libraries you can integrate for faster progress.

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