I finally created my personal website: > > > on using custom domain (still building locally until I hack together an elisp publish script to create the build environment).

If anyone has any suggestions or feedback, I would very much appreciate learning new/better approaches. Repo @

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I never heard of org format, so cannot really say much on it. However, I would assume there are more options from the more popular format (markdown) to the less popular (org)?

@ghost_letters the org format is part of the emacs ecosystem (org-mode). You're absolutely right there is definitely more native support for markdown within Hugo.
Emacs and org-mode are definitely an investment but it fits well with my workflow. And the ox-hugo exporter generates all the markdown files (one per post) from a single org document.
I followed the fundamentals from this article:
What tools are you using? Thanks for the markdown suggestion.


Hm, okay... For a non-emacs user like me the benefit of using this tool chain in not obvious. The org file is still transpiled to markdown and then (by hugo) to HTML, right?

I use hugo for blogging as well and recently added vitepress into the mix for technical documentation. Both use markdown as input to generate HTML.

@ghost_letters sorry I didn't mean to imply you'd see a benefit from that tool chain, glad your process is working.
Thanks for showing me VitePress, personal documentation that you have on your domain is pretty cool and a great idea!

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