Since there was a decent bit of interest, here's a update.

I opened up the case with the provided multi-tool (T6/phillips reversible bit with a spudger at the other end). The screws on the case are captive, which is great no worries about losing one. 1 of the 5 screws wasn't perfectly aligned but posed no issues, build is solid. The spudger allows the keyboard to be lifted (top view under keyboard shown). The QR codes link to documentation (which has a lot of photos).


update, Wi-Fi is working great on kernel 5.12.x as recommended by themselves. It's impressive that the founder is testing kernel version himself and providing support on the community forum.

A ln issue I that need to investigate further: I can't boot the laptop unless I have power connected, almost like a jump start for a car. I can remove the external power immediately after pressing the power button then it "charges up" then restarts.

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