Since there was a decent bit of interest, here's a update.

I opened up the case with the provided multi-tool (T6/phillips reversible bit with a spudger at the other end). The screws on the case are captive, which is great no worries about losing one. 1 of the 5 screws wasn't perfectly aligned but posed no issues, build is solid. The spudger allows the keyboard to be lifted (top view under keyboard shown). The QR codes link to documentation (which has a lot of photos).


I have it configured with 2 USB-C ports, 1 USB-A, and 1 microSD card reader. Booting up went fine, I installed from flash drive to microSD v90, suprisingly fast.
The BIOS (needed to disable secure boot) splash screen doesn't show FN key legend for boot device (F12) / BIOS (? I mashed a lot of FN keys), so that would be a nice touch to add.
Having WiFi issues, will investigate later. But everything else feels snappy and display looks good (3:2 ratio!!).
Happy to answer questions!

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@shom It would be nice to hear about battery. How long can you use the laptop without charging? But probably you should use it for a while :blobcatwink:

@arek definitely will once I've used it a bit more. Which is a bit challenging now due to wifi issues. I'm trying some recommended kernel versions. Might take a couple days to find time to get it sorted.

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