Since there was a decent bit of interest, here's a update.

I opened up the case with the provided multi-tool (T6/phillips reversible bit with a spudger at the other end). The screws on the case are captive, which is great no worries about losing one. 1 of the 5 screws wasn't perfectly aligned but posed no issues, build is solid. The spudger allows the keyboard to be lifted (top view under keyboard shown). The QR codes link to documentation (which has a lot of photos).


They supplied an advisory to put some insulating tape under the touchpad cable to prevent a potential short (similar issue to pre-2012 Macbook SATA cable, could potentially rub over time and short). I appreciated the note and put down some electrical tape, photo attached, it was working in the manufacturer favor. The advisory sheet also had a couple stickers on it, which was cool.
All other hardware looks good and fits well. I'm not a huge fan of the keyboard, a bit mushy.

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