Since there was a decent bit of interest, here's a update.

I opened up the case with the provided multi-tool (T6/phillips reversible bit with a spudger at the other end). The screws on the case are captive, which is great no worries about losing one. 1 of the 5 screws wasn't perfectly aligned but posed no issues, build is solid. The spudger allows the keyboard to be lifted (top view under keyboard shown). The QR codes link to documentation (which has a lot of photos).

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The top plate is secured in place with magnets (gluing isn't the answer!) and feels very secure and still easy to remove with spudger. Only a single ribbon cable connects the top to the main board and it has plenty of play so working with it was comfortable and easy to detach and reattach.
Installing the components, RAM (which I had) and wifi-card (which I bought from was very easy. I'd even say easier than desktop since everything is open and flat. I'll install the NVMe later.

They supplied an advisory to put some insulating tape under the touchpad cable to prevent a potential short (similar issue to pre-2012 Macbook SATA cable, could potentially rub over time and short). I appreciated the note and put down some electrical tape, photo attached, it was working in the manufacturer favor. The advisory sheet also had a couple stickers on it, which was cool.
All other hardware looks good and fits well. I'm not a huge fan of the keyboard, a bit mushy.

I have it configured with 2 USB-C ports, 1 USB-A, and 1 microSD card reader. Booting up went fine, I installed from flash drive to microSD v90, suprisingly fast.
The BIOS (needed to disable secure boot) splash screen doesn't show FN key legend for boot device (F12) / BIOS (? I mashed a lot of FN keys), so that would be a nice touch to add.
Having WiFi issues, will investigate later. But everything else feels snappy and display looks good (3:2 ratio!!).
Happy to answer questions!

@fedops and @jx0, I shared more info on the framework laptop. Happy to answer questions.

update, Wi-Fi is working great on kernel 5.12.x as recommended by themselves. It's impressive that the founder is testing kernel version himself and providing support on the community forum.

A ln issue I that need to investigate further: I can't boot the laptop unless I have power connected, almost like a jump start for a car. I can remove the external power immediately after pressing the power button then it "charges up" then restarts.

@shom Wow. That's great idea with the QR codes :blobcatadorable:

@arek Definitely, I'm pretty impressed with the documentation so far and how convenient they made it. They're doing a good job catering to the tinkerer/libre/open market.
Speaking of which they also have hardware killswitches for camera and microphone prominently in the display bezel. This is a big win!

@shom It would be nice to hear about battery. How long can you use the laptop without charging? But probably you should use it for a while :blobcatwink:

@arek definitely will once I've used it a bit more. Which is a bit challenging now due to wifi issues. I'm trying some recommended kernel versions. Might take a couple days to find time to get it sorted.

@shom that's great, thank you very much. Looks like a quality bit of kit. Be interested to hear how you like it after having worked with it for a while. Is that going to be your daily driver?

@fedops I got the laptop because I am a fan of the business model/philosophy and wanted to support it. I'm pleasantly surprised by how good it all actually is, especially for a first generation batch 3 product. Now I kind of wish I had gone for the i7 to replace my daily driver (xps 13 2-in-1 i7 1065G7). I might sell both to upgrade to a i7. Good problem to have!

@shom yes! 😁 For once a product that's actually better than anticipated...

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