Hey fediverse, what layout are you using? Vote for and comment for other layouts.
Would love to hear your thoughts on Colemak and Workman specifically. Boosts appreciated.


Thanks for participating all, good to see there are a few users around here. I'm planning to start with Colemak mod-dhm on a split ortho linear keyboard.
If anyone stumbles upon this in the future, there was a lot of good discussion on this other thread: fosstodon.org/@shom/1054437117

@fink hadn't come across it. I'll check into it, thanks for pointing it out.
I have been switching keyboards so I have not yet switched to Colemak.

@shom you are welcome 😊
What keyboard do you have?

@fink I just got a Corne split ergo keyboard and I'm using Gateron clear 35g linear switches. How about you?

@shom just got a keyboard.io Atreus, Kailth Copper Speed switches
Live EM so far, but will order a big switch tester in the next days

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