I made a account @shom and followed it from my account. If I visit my pixelfed profile from fosstodon then I see one post. However, there are three posts on pixelfed as seen in a browser:
Is this a quirk or ?

@shom It's federation. There's no reason for Fosstodon to store the data unless someone follows that account. I'm guessing you followed it, then posted one post? Fosstodon got the data after it was followed

@patcoll ah that's what I figured was happening as far as the posts showing up in my timline. I didn't realize that visiting the profile directly would show the profile as of the first time someone from the instance visited it. Thanks for clarifying!
I'm curious why mastodon would store the profile info instead of just fetching from the source on request? Performance/bandwidth? Seems at odds with owning your own data if all other instances are retaining it.

@shom "as of the first time someone from the instance visited it" :: it's from the first time someone follows it, I believe.

"store the profile info" :: yeah as you've discovered it doesn't have everything. but it's arguably "enough" info most of the time 😄

@patcoll thanks for clarifying. I wasn't being critical, just trying to understand how it all works better.
Actually it makes a lot more sense as soon as I reframe it as a pub-sub relationship (which is what it is but I just don't think about viewing a profile as such)

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