If you are or are not a user, please consider taking the signal user survey. Signal does not collect analytics on their users to respect privacy and I appreciate them transparently asking for the feedback instead. More information on their blog entry:

Link to survey:

Also, if you haven't tried signal in the last year+ they have made significant user experience improvements (new features, ease of use, stability).

Done ! I sadly don't use Signal, because i only have contacts who use only proprietary and privacy-invasive services (Messenger, WhatsApp) and they don't care about changing it "because we have SMS for contacting you" despite the security issues of the SMS protocol.

@poorpocketsmcnewhold I've had to consistently ask nicely and a lot of my friends have been very kind in agreeing and some have moved their friends too. Unfortunately it's a significant network effect barrier so unless the people have some base motivation it's difficult.

However, is a lot more feature competitive (and ahead in some areas: quoting replies is huge) than it was so maybe give it another shot?

Just found out, swiping msg to the right, quotes msg for a reply. I used to select msg first, then select reply from top menu. Now, just swipe right....awesome sauce. 😃

@NatCor @poorpocketsmcnewhold yes, it's very handy especially in a fast paced group conversation. I also use reactions as a quick poll in group thread. Since message reaction is only a notification for the OP it keeps noise down on the group threads but you get a convenient in app poll.

@polychrome I don't recall any explicit starting or stopping of meta data collection. I try to keep up but I might have missed it. Their privacy policy doesn't mention and the android app code on github uses Google Firebase but analytics are explicitly disabled.
I'm not an expert but I was curious so I did a bit of searching. Please let me know what I might have missed.

@shom @polychrome

If you can't audit the centralised server and you can't host it yourself, what's the difference from it being proprietary when it comes to trusting it about privacy?

@wuwei @polychrome it comes down to different threat levels and user choice. I don't think Signal is the right solution for everyone or everything. However, I do feel that the choices they have made (to not federate and have a single source of trust) have enabled them to provide a non-corporate e2e alternative to the masses. Ultimately you're trusting the instance owner on fediverse ( and tutanota in your case) in the same vein that I'm trusting the signal foundation.

@wuwei @shom @polychrome Since the app is open and end to end encrypted they shouldn't be able to read messages regardless of what server is being used.

@shom okay, I've done some looking and it looks like they might not be keeping the metadata.

This post is old but might be still relevant:

I don't know what's happening *now* but there's a chance that they might not be collecting it still.

Ofcourse, this always ends with just how much do you trust the word of the group operating the centralized server. 🤷‍♀️

@polychrome yes totally agree, ultimately it's how much you trust the instance owner. In Signal's case they have demonstrated exactly how much/little data they have when they had to comply with the subpoena (also mentioned in the thread you linked), that's fairly sane/acceptable. With the upcoming move to usernames instead of (as an alternative to?) phone numbers will improve the situation and has been a community request for a long time. Good chat, thanks for linking discussions.

@shom I ran out of room in the text box for all the reasons I don't think anyone should use Signal today. I'll try again to TL;DR later :-P

@lrvick I would definitely be curious to learn your thoughts. I don't think Signal is the right or best solution for every user/use-case. However, I do feel that the non-profit Signal Foundation has made a lot of the right and tough choices to provide a non-corporate e2e platform for the masses.

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