Ever wondered how much is costs to run a that gets a fair amount of traffic? Here's what it costs me to run my blog...



@kev that's a lot cheaper than I anticipated given the number of visitors. I really like and that's one of the last things keeping me from migrating to . I definitely don't want to manually optimize each image but I also haven't looked into API and hooking that into hugo, it's on my ever growing project list.

@shom I'm sure shortpixel can be baked into something like hugo. It's just so damn easy with WordPress. 🙂

@kev It really is... It works so well that I forgot I had shortpixel setup so when I was testing my hugo website the same images were loading slower and taking a lot more bandwidth. I took me longer than I'm proud to figure out what was going on! 🤦‍♂️

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