@claus I'll check out Tocotronic based on your best album pick being "In Rainbows". Always fun to discover new music from people of adjacent tastes, thanks for sharing that on your blog!

Is anyone running Pop Shell on Fedora 36? I want to try out Fedora 36 on my framework laptop, it has better out-of-the-box driver support (fingerprint reader specifically). But I really enjoy the pop shell experience of easy mode tiling window manager. Search results are not definitive, so I figured I'd . Any pointers appreciated.

Are you in Europe, and want to hear about something 🧊 cool? In our latest version (2.6) we introduced support for Podcasting 2.0 chapters!

Check out how it works in this demo 👇 🎞️

's is now live and ready for use. If you've got a project that requires TTS, it could be a very good option for you. It respects your privacy, runs fully offline, and it's open source. On top of all that, there's hundreds of voices to choose from and speaks dozens of languages.


Help wanted:

I need to rename this Emacs package before releasing it on Melpa:


The package goal is to organize git repositories in a single directory by a command allowing you to jump between git repos and clone new repositories from remote forges.

I’d like to find a descriptive name involving a terrible pun. The lamest, the better.

Do you have any fun ideas? (the pun will be properly credited if used of course!)

Alright late night crew (EDT) and anyone else who's awake; you get to see it first:

I finally deployed interviews.w0rmh0le.net which means I can finally start promoting the event!

First one is tomorrow, btw (2022-06-23 (I know, I cut it close with the site launch))

I'm so dead tired, I don't even know what else to say right now.

Come watch the interviews, spread the word, ride a bike, compliment a stranger, pet an animal!

If you have been waiting for a graphical cheat-sheet for #EmacsLisp advice combinators, that wait is finally over! :P


Day 31 of #100DaysToOffload

#Emacs #PlantUML

@65dBnoise and @tom30519 thanks to your excellent Mars photos, my 10 year old nephew and I have been following the adventures of and the bacon strip. Today he decided to recreate Percy frying some bacon in the backyard!

Sounds like a great tool!

"The cargo vet subcommand is a tool to help projects ensure that third-party Rust dependencies have been audited by a trusted source. It strives to be lightweight and easy to integrate."


Work in progress [1]: editing photos from my recent dive trip to Bonaire, a narrative and alt-text will be added with the final photo edits. Wanted to get it out and seek feedback on the edits, especially from Darktable users (please and thank you).

Using @darktable for the entire workflow and really trying to learn the software (it is very powerful).

[1] shom.bandopadhaya.com/photos/b

A feedback about using the application for traveling. A very useful tool !


Being able to move around ports on the laptop is an amazing convenience which I simultaneously take for granted and also forget to use sometimes.

I've also discovered nopaste.ml which works without a database. Everything is stored in the link.

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Juvenile spotted trunkfish, Reef Squid, and chill Turtle hanging out in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean.
What are the appropriate tags for this of content? I have a few more posts coming over the next few days.
#nature #scuba #diving #photography

I wrote a utility library of MIME types called Guile-MIME because I needed it for a program I wanted to write.


This library is the first time I have published anything in Guile.

This library helped me learn Guile because it is a simple program.

Using the "dehydrate" function on my air fryer/pressure cooker thing for the first time... I'm using it for dehydrating my phone that took an unplanned swimming lesson. Hope it works 🤞🏽

Other social networks 

I try not to bog down in analytics on my videos, but I thought it might be an interesting data point to share:

My video today was the first one I've posted since leaving birdsite, and my views on YouTube are actually UP compared with other videos. Including external sources!

And this doesn't take into account Peertube, either, which reaches an audience I wasn't getting on YouTube.

Shared just in case anyone else was worried about pulling the plug- there's a life after! :)

If you haven't used the #orgMode LOGBOOK notes feature, check out this post where I show how I use that to add update notes to my blog posts: scripter.co/using-org-logbook-

Day 21 of #100DaysToOffload

Thanks to all the recent discussions I decided to write about my recent journey switching from on gnome terminal to on with . I'm still figuring it out, but if you see something odd or have suggestions, I'd love feedback:


Thanks for the help @davy

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