@kzimmermann did you just had a tour of area 51, these pics aren't supposed to be posted on the internet :ac_bewildered:

@edgren sure but you might wanna enjoy it on a long lazy weekend or holiday season.

Ubuntu rant 

@Hawkpro XD bloat even on server πŸ˜‚, that's canonical for ya

@EdwardTorvalds eventhough the link is same it had trailing chars (check url) that made it invalid

@sharkpp reminds me of this article: blog.bradfieldcs.com/you-are-n

Sometimes the old and boring tech works just fine. If you're talking about a webapp, pick your favorite language, Apache or NGINX, and a good rdbms like MySQL or Postgres and stick it in a VM image.

There is so much hype around containers and k8s there is little to no reference on when NOT to use K8S.

Any resources will be appreciated.

This hype is making startups go crazy and they are too much into it.

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