What distro and DE combo would you suggest for an x86 tablet?

Uefi is 32bit, CPU 64bit Intel atom Z3745, 2gb ram

PopOs looks like it's the best for touchscreens, but gnome might be a bit too heavy for 2gb ram.

Something lighter like lxqt or lxde on lubuntu for example seems more appropriate.

@shareni I don't know, with that 32-bit UEFI and 64-bit CPU combo, it may be difficult. In the past I tried a couple of distros with that setup, and Fedora was the only thing that worked (though other distros may work now). A light desktop such as XFCE or LXDE would run well on such small specs.

@Ertain Thank you. Yeah fedora has an ISO ready for this situation, and ZSTD should help out. Time to check out fedora for the first time in like a decade.

@shareni 2gb of ram for GNOME is quite insufficient, i use an 8gb Raspberry pi 4 and the performance with Ubuntu GNOME is great, but GNOME takes at least one giga and a half.

I think XFCE does feel like a modern DE and it doesn't consume that much RAM. LXDE really feels old and outdated, an experience that i wouldn't recommend considering nowaday's standards, it feels like it's far behind any other desktop.

@lorabe damn that's even fatter than I thought it would be.

Why do you feel like that about LXDE? I haven't used it still, but to me it seems like it's just less beautified compared to fancy DEs like KDE and gnome, but on par with xfce, just with twice less ram usage.

@shareni oh no, it's certainly not like that.

See, i have a raspberry pi 4 that came with a preinstalled Raspberry Pi OS which uses a tuned version of LXDE. First, it has a lackluster HiDPI support, and overall the apps design made the experience uncomfortable to me. This really made me realize how much GNU/Linux has progressed in the UI department.

So i switched to Ubuntu as soon as possible. In my case, which only represents me, LXDE is no longer an option, apps design has improved.

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