Has anyone here tried to access tenacityaudio.org with a screen reader? If so, how would you describe the experience?

controversial opinion:
maybe centralization is bad??? 😳

@bloomingbridges Yep! Tenacity was originally created to remove the spyware and CLA from Audacity, but we're also working on many other things, such as fixing old bugs, improving the build system, supporting more OS, etc.

@yyp I should probably try making Android Studio work, then. The error seems like a JVM error now that I look at it again -- there might be hope!

What does Android Studio do, really? I wonder if I could use vim and android-tools instead, since Android Studio does not like Alpine

Asking for help from sysadmins:

How do I set up my postfix/dovecot mail server to use the full address as the IMAP/SMTP username?

Currently I have:

And I want:

I wonder how Arch Linux is still being sponsored by Shells, a Private Internet Access brand, after moving to Libera Chat from Leenode.

merges one PR

yeah this was a productive day alright

kind of tempted to try a new colorscheme for my stuff
maybe a light theme even? :blobcateyes:

open for suggestions!

@person I haven't gamed a whole lot since switching, but Hollow Knight and DOOM 2016 both work just fine for me

We officially brought back support for wxWidgets 3.0 on Tenacity (at the cost of minor visual bugs). :D

@arek I really like Alpine. I even maintain a couple of packages.

apk is the fastest package manager, it leaves apt in the dust and is quite a bit faster than pacman, even with ParallelDownloads.

I'm not too interested in the systemd war, but I do think that OpenRC syntax is a lot more usable.

I personally haven't had anything major break because of musl, but that might be a problem if you're stuck with using proprietary applications.

9front's FQA spends a lot of time trying to convince you not to use it, which makes me want to try installing it out of spite


@awesomesheep48 Well yeah but the problem is me forgetting to clear my cache and wondering what's wrong

Browsers should automatically clear cache if a webpage has been reloaded 3 times in a row

The amount of times I had a brainfart and spent >15min fixing a nonexistent problem is too high

@tenacity Even better, pop in the IRC channel! We might be able to solve the problem in an instant, saving you the hassle of creating an issue.

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