Does anybody have recommendations for a good FOSS image hosting software? Preferably one that already has a stable instance I can register for.

Currently using imgur because it's the most convenient, but I'd rather use something I can trust

@benjaminpaikjones Pixelfed is too extensive for what I'm planning to use it for. I'm not interested in the social network part, I just want an API I can send an image to and get back a URL.

@sfr what do you use it for? If it's for sending images in a text only chat, for example, something ephemeral like would suffice (tildeverse has some instances of it as well).

@huy_ngo Oh, I didn't know 0x0 supported image hosting! Only ever saw it being used with text files. This is a no-brainer, then.

@sfr it can host any kind of files except blocked filetypes. I once used it to host my slides for presentation.

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