I've become less and less comfortable with he/him over the past couple of months.

The idea of they/them as a gender-irrelevant, universal pronoun for everybody is so appealing to me, especially on the Internet. To me, it serves as a "meta-pronoun", if that makes sense.

I use they/them when referring to people unless specified otherwise, so when someone uses "he" when referring to me, it sounds... unfamiliar? Alien?

This toot has been rotting in drafts for too long. They/them, please.


@wizzwizz4 I've not done much research on them myself, so excuse my lack of knowledge, but this looks like a case of xkcd 927.

From what I gather, they/them seems to be the most widely accepted gender-neutral pronoun, which is why I picked it. I don't feel like I've changed my pronouns, but as if I've removed them. Neopronouns don't make me feel the same way.

Neopronouns are definitely an interesting concept, just not for me.

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