Awesome post by @pyxel! Total recommend if you haven't read it or if you haven't tried sourcehut out! (you should, btw 👀 )

@arivigo @pyxel I think an advantage that's not mentioned is anyone can contribute to your code without signing up for an account on your server.


@huy_ngo @arivigo @pyxel That's a *big* plus. You actually cannot contribute to closed instances of Gitea, because you have to fork the repo to PR it.

In sourcehut: patch? Email. Issue? Email. Discussion? Email.

@sfr @huy_ngo @pyxel IIRC, submit a new ticket to trackers? Email as well! 📨

@sfr @arivigo @pyxel *technically*, you can self-host the fork, then send an email to the maintainer to inform about it (what git-request-pull does), but that'd be too much struggle for the maintainer, imo.

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