Got my first dose or the Pfizer vaccine! So stoked to maybe get back to a regular life soon.

Who has good resources on JavaScript best-practices? I'm finding it very easy to write messy code and I don't always know the best way forward.

Arch or Debian for my next spin and why?

I'll never get used to sleep paralysis.

I am reading Strunk's Elements of Style. I have made many writing mistakes in my life, that much is certain. I'd highly recommend it to any writers here. Removing the passive voice makes your writing better, full stop.

What can the average user of open source software do to advocate for freedom, privacy, security?

Looking to replace my fire stick (I know, I know.) with something more in-line with my privacy, security, and freedom values. Any suggestions? Is Kodi the standard here? I use it for just a small handful of streaming services and I would like to use something dedicated (ie. not just my computer).

I'm happy to answer any questions about how to give back. There are many misconceptions about the best ways to donate your efforts to an agency.

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Big volunteering day, today. After I found out late last year that due to COVID, the soup kitchens around town are struggling to meet demand. They're serving hours-old sandwiches and going over budget because they're hiring private catering companies. 250 cold and soggy sandwiches were being given out each Sunday. By giving 6-7 hours of my time each week, I've been able to feed 400+ people a large hot meal, on half the budget. Times are tough, so let's give back this year.

With Flash support coming to an end, Flash will not be dead because of the efforts of the people at who have built an open source emulator to preserve old flash animations and web games. Newgrounds, one of the Internet's largest Flash-centric sites - hosting content by so many creators - has implemented ruffle, and many Flash games work flawlessly with the software.

Do they even make wired keyboards without RGB lighting anymore? What gives?

Do any free DDNS services respect your privacy? What's the best way to run a webserver from home for file sharing?

I didn't know was a thing til today. Here's my minimal Manjaro XFCE setup

curses and Python is making simple tool development easy. It's been really fun to learn, too. Why didn't I use this more before?

Im gonna bite the bullet and learn vim. I've been using nano (and more recently, micro) for too long and it's time I honed a new skill.

The traditional wet shave is basically beard grooming with free and open source hardware. Say no to expensive proprietary razor cartridges and skin-damaging foams.

If it weren't for Ubuntu's tacky desktop cube c. 2007-2009, I'd probably not be so adamant software be free today.


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