Property tax is on the order of $2500 a year. When I inquired about paying in monthly installments (a service they offer), the amount was on the order of $4800 yearly. What in God's name?

Renovation going smoothly so far. New shower plumbed and installed. New subfloor of double 3/4 ply is solid. Just some sheetrock, mud, tape, paint, tile, grout, and fixtures left to do.

Home reno demo progress. Time to do some framing and drywall removal before I dig up the floor and start plumbing :ablobcathyper:

Starting more home renovations because I'm legitimately unhinged and maybe I hate myself. Adding a shower to my half-bath, changing all fixtures and furniture, and I'll be tiling the floor and walls. I might also add a lot light for the shower. Let's go!

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Important poll

How are y'all tomato plants doing? I can't put mine outside til I'm sure there's no more snow coming.

I got woken up at 1:00am by my wife screaming "there's someone in the basement" and my alarm system going off a few seconds later. Frozen with fear, I mustered my strength, and grabbed whatever I could use as a weapon. I headed downstairs to investigate. There was nothing out of place and nobody in the house. Not sure why my motion detector had gone off, but I'm incredibly shaken.

USPOL / FOSS Inquiry 

Normie internet circles are getting worried about how their data is stored and used, especially in the wake of all this abortion discussion. The thought is that location tracking + menstrual tracking could reveal data about whether a person has had an abortion, and subsequently be harassed, shamed, murdered, etc. Are there any good FOSS apps for cycle tracking?

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Anyone else still say "never eat soggy weiners" to remember the cardinal directions?

Cheapest / easiest way to get started using nextcloud? Is self hosting safe / secure / easy to maintain when you expose your server to the big scary intertubes?

Furniture restoration projects are all the rage right now. Unfortunately my airless sprayer isn't suitable for small jobs like this and I had to resort to hand-painting after I wasted an entire quart of paint in about 20 seconds. It worked great for my walls in my house, but it's way too much maintenance for this application.

I need to pick up a gravity-feed sprayer for future projects.

Pretty pleased so far. A heavy sanding, some minor wood-filling, and a bucket of paint goes a long way.

How do you even write a resume? How do I keep it easy to update? My last employer hired me based on a recommendation so I've not had to provide one in nearly 3 years. My current qualifications are dramatically different so I think I need to start fresh. I was also informed my last resume looked like trash.

I see a lot of people calling for schools to teach basic life skills like budgeting, filing taxes, making meal plans, writing a cheque. If we go this direction, I'd like to see "folding a fitted sheet" added to the physical education curriculum, maybe as a track and field event.

School is weird because sometimes they test you on material that they explicitly told you was NOT in the scope of the course. I have one instructor giving tough-to-follow lectures and easy tests and another giving basic-overview lectures with super detail-oriented test questions that throw the entire book at you. Can't wait to be done with this.

Whenever I stumble across a guide on how to do things on Windows, I'm fascinated by how willingly Windows users will run executable files from strange websites. I'm also fascinating by their fear of using the command line as they might make a mistake and damage their system.

Is a thing? It should be a thing :P

I recently discovered pseudo-tiling in bspwm and I don't really have a use-case for it, but it's kinda neat

I really hate when websites change the scroll speed on me. I expect to cover a certain amount of page for a given scroll-wheel input but something behind the scenes is throwing it way out of whack.

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