My country (Switzerland) is now under lockdown because of . Great, but it could've been a bit sooner.

's best alternative is here!! @LemmyDev is really promising, I hope this project the best!! Here is my account with the communities that I created:

The e-reader I ordered just arrived. Hopefully I'll now get into the habit of reading more books.

Gonna relax on this Christmas Day with the Witcher Netflix series and with a nice dinner in the evening.

Tried doing this year with the goal to complete it but I only managed to get to day 15 before it took to much time out of my free time.

Had Christmas dinner with my company this week. It was amazing! 6 courses in total.

Hi, I'm Severin and just signed up for Mastodon. I'm a full-stack developer and a big fan of open-source software and technology.


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