I am trying to better understand the pros and cons of Systemd.
Let me know what you think about it.

@hund Thanks, my first impression has been that the code is sparsely commented and not enough documented, Am I wrong?

@seve_py I have no idea. I'm just an old grumpy enduser. :)

@seve_py Systemd is getting very monolithic and has some design choices that I really don't like, I'm still using it though, because the distro I'm on uses it, still no big fan of how big it's becoming and how it seems to get it's tendrils everywhere.

@seve_py yeah, btw I use arch :p There is stuff like artix and so on that would be a short jump, I'm just comfortable with where I am, I've been using arch for over 12 years by now :)

@sotolf @seve_py Have you considered Artix or any of the other billion systemd-free versions of Arch? :)

@hund @seve_py considered it yes, if I'd go anywhere it would be artix, and it's probably where I will go on my next install, it should come around in about 3-4 years :p I know it can be done with a repo migration, but I'm not feeling too comfortable doing that.

@hund @seve_py :p I just don't feel like setting up everything again ;)

@sotolf @hund Let's say you have decided to move to the Artix distro. What init system will you install OpenRC, RunIt, or S6?

@seve_py @hund Probably runit, it's the one I've heard about the most, but I'd probably do a bit of research and see what was supported the best :)

@sotolf @seve_py OpenRC is the most common one. It's the default init system of Gentoo, Alpine Linux, Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre, Parabola GNU/Linux-libre, Artix Linux, Maemo Leste, TrueOS, Funtoo and more.

It was created by a NetBSD developer who was (is?) involved in Gentoo as well. :)

@sotolf @seve_py I forgot about Devuan. They run OpenRC as well. :)

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