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And finally, SSH into your instance and enjoy your :openbsd: goodness!

⚠️ Don't forget to turn off remote access in the Scaleway dashboard.

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Ninth, return to the installer and install OpenBSD as usual!

Tenth, reboot and watch your installed system boot! ❤️

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Eight, once the OpenBSD installer starts, drop to the shell! We're gonna use the two disks in a RAID setup!

Follow the steps at:

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Sixth, enable remote access and don't drag your feet. It's expensive!

Seventh, open the remote console and watch the server management software boot.

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Forth, fetch the OpenBSD 7.1 installer, check the integrity, and write it to /dev/sda.

Fifth, reboot in normal mode!

⚠️ Your device names might differ!

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Quick thread about how to install :openbsd: on Scaleway's Elastic Bare Metal offering... Because compared to cloud, metal is more... 🤘🎸

First, order a new Elastic Metal server. Even the cheap ones are pretty good! No need to pick an image.

Yep, all that was needed was a MBR partition scheme!

It should have been obvious, had I poked around a bit more, that Scaleway doesn't boot their servers with UEFI, but with BIOS instead.

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I feel like every year I fall behind further and further, I'm often like "well, I can't believe anyone is jumping through these hoops-", but then, nobody else does, it's like once you fall off the threadmill of latest phone, latest google this, latest apple that and everything gets more painful. They're all interlocked systems that need each other to work properly.

One day it'll be, well screw this, I can't internets anymore.

Nope... Didn't boot. I suspect I need to try MBR partition scheme instead of GPT.

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Attempting to install OpenBSD on Scaleway Elastic Metal. Let's see if this boots...

We’re nearing the end of Schumann’s Kinderszenen, so I’ll have to figure out where our next batch of #dailypiano will come from.

Time enough for one take today. By definition, therefore, it’s good enough. Here’s “Fürchtenmachen” (“Frightening”):

#piano #pianominiature #pianominiatures #classicalpiano #classicalmusic #romanticism #schumann

“Kind im Einschlummern” is our eternal Wunsch für our Kinder. Maybe tonight can be the night.

It’s also the penultimate of Schumann’s Kinderszenen. Let yourself drift off with it.

#dailypiano #piano #pianominiature #pianominiatures #classicalpiano #classicalmusic #romanticism #schumann

this decoupling will begin with two initiatives for 3.17:

- decoupling the init system, based on Laurent Bercot's TSC proposal with modifications

- replacing /bin/sh (at the moment, FreeBSD /bin/sh is the likely contender)

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On my way to Hamburg, I saw a lot of cars on the motorway with letters (W:O:A) stuck on them. They are on their way to one of the biggest heavy metal festivals in the world and one of the biggest open-air festivals in Germany. #wackenopenair #woa
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