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Stay humble, stack sats, abandon centralized social media.

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The speculative attacks will continue until morale improves.

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Hal Finney wrote this over 17 years before receiving the first-ever #bitcoin transaction in history.

If #Bitcoin is Gaining Trust, then what's Losing Trust?

If you know the answer to this question, you are winning the game

"Open water Bitcoin is the best Bitcoin." - Matt ODell

2017 smart crypto traders use BTC as their unit of account to price Altcoins.

2021 smart macro investors use Bitcoin as their unity of account to price their investments.

I like where this is going. BTC becoming global money before our eyes.

Great thread. I’ve leaned on all these guys for support doing similar and also had assistance from @satwhale and @sethisimmons.

Keybase’s latest actions towards the 3D gun printing community and WhatsApp’s privacy policy change have all been an impetus to this.
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In light of the increasing frequency of censorship events coupled with awesome guides from bitcoiners like @Diverter_NoKYC + @_k3tan, I've taken steps to beco…

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DAMN... Fed basically openly admits its actions significantly exacerbate inequality.

Must read thread here 🧵👇

@j thats a good point. Bitcoiners are the preppers of the investment world

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Any service that doesn't let you withdraw #Bitcoin is a scam. Period.

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Dan Held's comments on the What Bitcoin Did podcast recently were spot on. I liked his insights on thinking that we are now in a "Super Cycle" - essentially that we can't just look to past bull runs and expect this one to be the same because there are so many new factors at play like Covid, money printing, institutional interest, infrastructure, etc. In his opinion, this bull run will be higher, and the following bear less drastic

Props to anyone who has not accidentally said or typed the word "Gamestock" in the last week.

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