Melting today as a part of testing the radiators and bleeding any air from them. Getting ready for winter!

Also, any experts out there that can help me get it running on my machine?

It's fighting me tooth and nail on my desktop, but installed flawlessly on my laptop--both running Solus. Go figure...

After a handful of attempts, I finally got my server up-and-running again. I switched from the snap to the source, and I learned a lot in the process.

That was mainly because I had to do it twice after forgetting to change the data directory to my external drive.

Still, happy to have it chugging away again!

Continuing my series, here's my dehumidifier fix.

The utility sink is too far (and too high) for a PVC connector, so I've put a submersible fish tank pump in the tank, and connected it to a timer.

After timing the filling and emptying cycles, it's calibrated to run for 8 minutes every 4 hours.

A cry for attention or asserting dominance? Only time will tell.

Also I'm going with because I hate how has been bastardized into anything that involves a hot glue gun.

Just finished today's : a VBA script for Outlook that will remove the reminder on all-day, non-cancelled meeting invitations.

Since users can't seem to grasp the concept of "please remove your reminders for all-day events," I had to come up with this workaround.

SSBM Mainstage spoilers 

I gotta say, another win for Hbox at is such a yawnfest. No denying how good of a competitor he is, nor how much work he puts in, but I get no joy watching Puff.

Thankfully there were a lot of other high-energy sets to watch.

Congrats to Axe and Zain for their 2nd and 3rd places finishes. Axe was a fireball of energy, and Zain was so crisp and clean.

Looking forward to !

I miss the days when ads were bright, happy banners welcoming me as the One Millionth Visitor. I knew it was a lie, but I still liked to believe.

eh, I just replaced all switches with chained ternary expressions where it made sense.

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In is there any "best" choice between nested ternary expression vs a switch, other than personal preference?

So I wrote an app in that connects to my account to my game so that people can--through donations--call commands in my game.

I call it , and with it viewers can spawn mobs, change the weather, give items, or summon the end of the world.

Plus each new follower gets their own named cat spawned!

I'm thinking of a one-time free command for some whitelisted users, so if you'd like to try, comment or DM me your twitch handle.

I have a coworker with the WORST phone etiquette in an open office. He has a 30-second song for NOTIFICATIONS--like a text--which he doesn't silence until he is ready to view it. He doesn't believe in vibrate mode, even after many requests.

My solution? Set up an old phone with his very same ringtone, set up some pushbullet and tasker profiles so I can control it, and hide it near his desk.

Then I get to watch him try to ignore the ringing at various volumes and durations. 😂

Any users with tips on directly adding photos already on the server filesystem? Do I still need to import?

I'm working to get all my photos sorted in YYYY-MM folders, and I'd like Nextcloud to keep them that way.

Couldn't pull out the win for summer league C pool finals, but had a great weekend nonetheless.

However, now that summer league is over, I'm ready for fall. Bring on the cool evenings, sweatpants, and colorful trees. But mainly bring on the and .

Is there a instance anyone can recommend? I'm currently hosting videos only through , but looking to expand.

You know life is taking a toll when--after an argument with your spouse--you dream that they got mad at you again, but this time for not coding cases for your kids into the program you're developing.

I need like 100 more hours in a day.

Exposed man-shoulder 

Made my second-ever layout in last night, keeping the disc alive on an under-thrown in cut. The kicker is that my wife threw it, getting distracted during her release after the sideline yelled that our kid ran into the field. 😅

The other kicker being that had anyone else on the field wouldn't have gotten as scraped up, since none of them are obsessed with cutting off their sleeves 😭

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