So looks like the capture card I'm using requires me to the . Any good resources on where to start? I have a link to the commit from January with the fix.

Anyone have suggestions for a capture card or tv tuner that is well-supported in ? Preferably with composite input support.

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We are proud to announce the immediate availability of #Solus 4 #Fortitude, a new major release of the Solus operating system. Check it out at

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Everyone: Surely those Solus folks are gonna take a short break now that they released Solus 4, right?

Us: Here's a Plasma 5.15.3 update in progress.

Everyone: *surprised Pikachu face*

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If you're currently using #GoogleAnalytics, you are helping Google spy on your own site's visitors.

To protect your visitors' privacy, try switching to an independent free open source alternative like #Matomo:

The self-hosted version is FLOSS and (of course) free of charge, while the managed hosting version is a paid account.

It's GDPR compliant and by default respects "Do Not Track".

You can also follow the developers on here:


#AlternativesAtoZ #Analytics

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I find it odd that the term "open source" is used more than "free software" in Linux communities. Open source can deny you freedom in its use and sharing. We should be promoting free software more.

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#Newpipe 0.14.2 can't play YouTube videos anymore. Downgrading to 0.14.1 seems to work for the moment. (Need to uninstall the latest version first.)

The problem is fixed upstream in version 0.15 which will be on fdroid in 1-2 days.

While I can't take any credit for their amazing season, I was very happy to help Chartreuse win the championship game! Now comes the long wait until spring league...

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Just built my first desktop computer and gotta say it was a great experience. Installed Solus for my OS after a lot of research and haven't been disappointed. They're killing it with Budgie and the whole experience. I just found my go-to distro.

#Linux #PCmasterrace



A while back I tried my hand at recording a series for . Who'd have thought the market was as saturated as everyone warned me about?

Either way, I enjoyed the process, and have started it up again--this time releasing on an open-sourced, distributed network called .

If you want to check out my disjointed ramblings and scatterbrained gameplay, you can stream it at:

After excruciating troubleshooting, I finally got my wife's google that she shared with me to sync in .

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Been playing around with and it works.

I really like how light weight it feels in the sense it's not trying to bring you into any ecosystem and is *free.*

I won't use it to replace any cloud storage but for backing up my media in the past 3 days it has been proved to be very useful.

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2019 is going to be a transformative year for Solus. Read about some of the things we have planned at

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Bryan and I have another Solus Hackfest coming up! On Saturday, Jan. 12th at 10am EST, 3pm UTC we'll be working on the new Search APIs for the Help Center as well as continuing the Sysfs work for Linux Hardware Qualifier!

Extra-long holiday break bit me in the butt: I stroll into work today, ready for an easy week of testing the few tickets left in my queue, only to notice the Sprint Review meeting this afternoon.

So turns out last week was the *second* week of the sprint and not the first... This isn't going to be a fun conversation with my scrum master.

Setting up a server on my desktop: relatively straightforward undertaking, or absolute nightmare? Make your opinion heard here!

Continuing down the rabbit hole.

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