I've been using Brave for quite a while now and sometimes use !g or !d bang if I am not satisfied with the results. I didn't use duckduckgo because it fetched the results from bing and I particularly don't like bing's results.
What's your choice?

Anybody with a cock.li email? No one I know has one ,can I get an invitation if someone got some invitation left?

I was writing about how I found Linux and how I started using it and it got long too fast even though it's in brief.


I want to delete my Facebook account but there lies a complete history of mine which I want safe , can I extract that data and keep on my PC ?

Finals in 14 days, a student of science is starting to pray to the god. πŸ™ !!!!!!

Does anyone know what the official packaging format of slackware is? tar.gz?

I made a list of open source alternative applications that can be used instead of proprietary garbage. Check this capsule πŸ˜‰


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