some curves
usually i prefer broken to smooth geometry, but i'm having a try for 's daily sketches sake. instruction: interpolate 3 recorded cursor movements with random 2d bezier curves.

"it's about who you are" or "lockdown traces" for day 7, rule based drawing by hand. this sheet of paper was on my desk for november an december, a canvas for everyday subconscious doodles and notes. 💅

day 5 - "1010 complex lines"

the 10 most complex lines of my database of cursor movements. each drawn in the different color. it's kinda disgusting if you ask me.
Face with tears of joy

din a1 on a diy plotter

is going on! "rule30" happened today. in the end i've merely added some more chaos to the chaos of these simple rules. can't wait to return to berlin & put some of these onto paper 💅

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