@g_love I don't have the money even if I wanted to fold. Tough to pass on those deals but I think principle wins over preference

so is that was Ctrl+c is doing? and this might be a dumb question but I'm guessing grep is written in C?

@wizzwizz4 my understanding is that the process you are hitting Ctrl+c to terminate is actually functioning in a child shell so the command terminates that shell leaving you with the parent shell.

Comprehending why Ctrl+c doesn't close out the terminal feels life altering lol #!

@randynose the Mack hood ornament really makes this picture perfect.

@mike I recently caved and installed xorg on my arch box. use vanilla i3 now with the only graphical interface being qutebrowser and telegram.

oddball question here... it seems my Pixel 2 has worse battery life when the battery saver is enabled. Has anyone seen an issue like this?

Chapter 1 content is complete. FTP and Apache servers... not difficult but I'm no pro! On to the labs for some hands on learning

@brad thank you my friend! wizards like you keep me motivated

I've got a lifetime left to learn. excited to continually get more involved!

it's been a year since I put Ubuntu Budgie on my old Asus laptop to "see what Linux is all about". I had recently bought a brand new laptop with a preinstalled operating system that is supposedly the best around. Months of crashing and instability led me to put it on the shelf where it stayed for the better part of a year.
I immediately fell smitten to Linux and found myself learning daily.
Yesterday I successfully installed as a culmination to my year of learning. :gentoo: :tux:

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@schulidr thank you! It goes fully opaque when you maximize a window and the bottom dock slinks out of your way too.

@brad I like the transparent panel at the top. Gives an extra clean look

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It’s not quite yet but close enough. Manjaro with Gnome 3.32 and the amazing kitty terminal.

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was a big inconsolata fan until I recently gave hack a try. the clarity is really unmatched in my opinion

@brad I really should spend a little more time on here lol

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