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Hell of a weekend with installs. Learned a TON from the install and continue to learn as I set it up. It was frustrating at times but worth it to gain all of that knowledge. Maybe LFS at some point? haha! Got back on the play laptop as well so I've got plenty to do for a while. Running cinnamon desktop on there which is a first for me.

@schulidr and that may have been one of the easiest installs I've ever done. unbelievable

going for the void install today to make this a dual boot with Arch. :archlinux: :void:

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Man oh man that FreeBSD install was painless!

figuring out how to boot my system from the grub command line might be the most satisfying things I've done yet

Actually INSTALLED ARCH!!! :archlinux:

but I can't boot into my void OS on the dual boot. I'll figure it out

going to try my first :arch: install today.

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So #FollowFriday. Much alternative. Wow. :blobsurprised:

🌐 @torproject Tor Project: Volunteer network for protecting privacy online

πŸ“ž @Jami Jami: Free open alternative to #Skype, uses peer-to-peer instead of servers

πŸ€– @gdroid G-Droid: An alternative user-friendly way of browsing @fdroidorg

πŸ•ΉοΈ @itchio DRM-free indie games store and community site

⛏️ @Minetest Minetest: Free open alternative to #Minecraft

#FF #FFed #Alternatives

busy couple of days has kept me relatively offline. glad it's Friday so I can spend some time breaking stuff and then learning how to fix it tonight!

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@brad here it is currently. stumbled over the wallpaper on frontpage.
I like it, and merges the black of the into the black nicely.
, late maybe.

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@schulidr @brandon can also confirm on my i5 laptop dual core.

I have a Toshiba NB300 netbook I’m going to put Void with maybe LXQT on for the kids too, currently on Xubuntu but it’s too unresponsive.

my void install has this Intel i3 screamin!!

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For i3 with a simple i3bar on Manjaro. All running on a dinosaur of a MacBook Pro.

getting my install a little closer to where I want it.

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For the privacy and security conscious out there, I just found this site [] and it looks pretty interesting.

I've had Thunderbird for well over 5 months now. I installed it as my email client not knowing anything more about it. I think I learn something new about it every day. it may be my all time favorite application now that I know everything it's capable of (I think)

So a couple of things before I head off to bed... work. use them. dont get fancy with clonezilla, it may not always save you. Had a minor scare but I think all my doomsday prep allowed me to remain calm when my system wouldn't boot lol

What are the recommended mastodon cli applications?

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We're looking for a Browser Developer to join our team!

You'll work on C++ patches to our Firefox-based browser, writing new APIs, altering functionality for privacy & security, and making improvements to our collection of add-ons
#hiring #jobs #devjobs

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