gave a random try tonight and I'm pleasantly surprised with it. nice little distro!

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Sigh. 😔

As much as I love :void: I’m nuking and paving.

I have learned a ton, I’d recommend it over :arch: for learning workings, or perhaps I was at a better stage of my learning when I started on it. 🤔

I want something more polished with less effort now. Building from source, while super easy for a noob like me even on Void, wasn’t something I had time for and it’s became frustrating.

I love my i3 setup, I am going to try and integrate i3 with Manjaro KDE to get tiling back.

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I've *basically* turned 's web client into a webapp version of . I've got all the UI hidden and use it 99% with keyboard commands.

It's not for everyone, but I'm really enjoying it—and I love that their custom CSS is flexible enough to let me do so.

Anyone else both use Proton Mail and crazy enough to want this? I'm trying to decide if I should throw it up on Git.

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Twitter got the axe this week. The LinuxRocks Mastodon instance is my only social media now. Also, good morning 🙂.

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2018 was the first year we received requests for user data or to have content taken down, so we're going to start releasing an annual #transparency report with this kind of information.

Read about the requests we received in 2018 and how we responded in our latest @intheopen blog post:

got up and running flawlessly tonight. I am reminded of the scene in The Office where the branch is supposedly closing and Stanley sits down for an interview and proclaims he "couldn't be happier!! No really, I COULDN"T BE HAPPIER!!". That about sums up my day with Linux today. Just couldn't miss. These are the days that keep you coming back lol

I've been trying to use elinks but the lack of color modification is kind of annoying. lynx has a much better appearance and many more options.

2 days in to the and I already feel like I'm learning a ton. using for now. once I get through the html intro I want to switch to a language I feel is more appropriate to where my interests lie. Thinking Python

anyone use pros or cons? this seems to be an incredible online application

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Linux & Coffee Meetup @ North Georgia.

This is a group for anyone interested in Linux and open source software founded by Ryan from DESTINATION LINUX. Everyone is welcome whether you're brand new to Linux or an experienced sudo master.

Started this group to hang out with other Linux enthusiasts in the North Georgia area who want to network and discuss our passion for the various projects.

ALL ARE WELCOME! Also beginners who have never touched Linux but want to learn more. We would love to have you join us.


#LinuxAndCoffee #LinuxMeetup #Linux #Meetup #coffee #DestinationLinux #DasGeek
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After putting macOS back on my MacBook Pro and buying an iPhone I am starting to appreciate them more. Nothing will ever beat Linux for me though so I made sure to keep two distros and a half dozen VMs on the MacBook too! 😅

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The GNOME project has been selected to participate in Google Summer of Code 2019, and we are looking at our community to help us find the best and brightest young minds around! If you know of any such individuals, please direct them to the below link:

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Thought I'd do a . I haven't changed much since last time. Still on Solus.

My VM's have been getting most of my attention lately. This is one is about a week old.

Strongly considering familiarizing myself with vim... I think it's more curiosity than anything :vim:

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