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I'm making progress on my crate oxidized-mdf that parses MSSQL server files. You are wondering why someone wants to pares these files? That's because I want to parse data from a proprietary Windows application for my plugin spgverien.

I'm finalizing a pull request that adds HTTP file caching to the HTTP framework . The maintainers seem to like it. Hopefully, it will be merged soon.

🇩🇪 Danke für euren Input zu meiner geplanten Anfrage an die EU-Kommission, warum sie bei ihrer Kommunikation das #Fediverse ignoriert und damit Monopole verfestigt. Hier der aktuelle Entwurf und die Möglichkeit mitzuarbeiten:
🇬🇧 Thank you for your feedback regarding my draft question to the EU Commission on why it ignores the #Fediverse in its public communications and thus supports tech monopolies. Current draft:

Mögt ihr Zahlen? Wir schon!
Deswegen haben wir aus den Einreichungen zu unserer 9. Förderrunde mal wieder die spannendsten für euch rausgesucht:

I'm now able to parse the data of tables that are contained in an MDF file with my crate oxidized-mdf. Next step is the usage in my plugin sgpverien.

@nextcloud, what is a recommended way if you want to run cmd line tools on files in a plugin?

wow: is moving to a RustTLS backend – initially opt-in, but the plan is to make it the default eventually.

I did *not* see that coming. I thought we might one day get a alternative to curl, but curl itself embracing Rust is quite the vote of confidence.

(imo, more meaningful that FAANG's recent/continuing rust love)

I've just stumbled across #LowLevelAcademy and😍
They provide free courses for low-level programming in #Rust, which you can do entirely in the browser. How cool is that!?
It is mainly focused on #networking. Their first #course is already available and they seem to plan a lot more.🎉

Check it out here:

Low-Level Academy has been founded by Nikita and Andrey Baksalyar:

, the customizable prompt for any shell, has been released and provides a undistraction feature. It made a lot of fun contributing this feature to this CLI tool and I'm happy to see this feature in the release.

really taught me to think outside the box in a lot of scenarios. Simply knowing how the language handles data makes me a better programmer over all. I can highly recommend it, even if you're not a close-to-the-metal developer.

I think this can't be coincidence🤯 :
@cadey has just released a really good blogpost comparing simple concepts between #Rust and #golang. Maybe it can help you by seeing Rust and Go side-by-side:

Please don't give up on Rust. It is a beautiful language. You won't regret it, I promise.🦀


I'm working on my crate oxidized-mdf:

It's a rewrite of the library OrcaMDF and the rewrite enables me to parse MDF files with the parser tool of my plugin spgverein.
This is required to support SPG-Verein 4 that is a proprietary Windows program. Thanks to I could provide cloud access to the data.

Maybe I will integrate the crate into as well.

I'm working on , a cross compilation tool for / to get it working on .

The file parser written in for my spgverein compiles now for on and .

Hopefully I have some time in the next couple of days to release the plugin.

Time for another stream! In tomorrow's Crust of Rust we'll cover a simplified version of 's mpsc channel type, plus some discussion of other channel implementations. The stream will be on YouTube and Twitch at 8:30p UTC as usual ( See y'all there!

Hi folks! My (first?) thesis stream is now up! We talked through my thesis at a high level, and then walked through the current draft of the evaluation chapter. Along the way, I also did Q&A about PhDs and thesis writing. Hopefully it's interesting :)

There seems to be a decent amount of interest in, so let's dig into my PhD thesis evaluation on Saturday at 5:30pm UTC ( I'll be focusing on the research/academic aspects of the work, not the Rust parts this time :) Bring questions if you have any! As always, I'll be live on and, and the recorded stream will be uploaded to YouTube afterwards.

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