In the last days I had some time to contribute to and integrated partial completion:

I enjoy contributing to projects even if the additions are tiny improvements. :blobcatcool:

Da kann ich ⁦‪Facebook‬⁩ gut verstehen: Diese Werbung hätte vielen die Augen geöffnet, was Facebook an Daten über sie durch das Ausspionieren überall im Netz sammelt. Das muss aufhören!

@ulrichkelber ich hab gerade angefangen rein zu hören, aber mich hat erschreckt, dass direkt der Begriff Blockchain von Herrn Gerlach gefallen ist. Ich hab da Sorge, ob die Technologie richtig verstanden wurde. Ob sich Herr Gerlach bewusst ist, dass eine unveränderbare Blockchain nur mit vielen Computern möglich ist, was dann die Daten, die dort gespeichert werden, faktisch öffentlich macht?

dear #fediverse,
sorry, there won't be a new list soon.
while there were a lot of ideas, we sadly had to realize that there aren't enough resources from our side right now. we have to give this work back to the community. the idea of the #greenfediverse is still alive, it was always open and everyone can participate. maybe someone is interested to code a new open-source list for us all? it's just a script where two open APIs collide! the idea is to good to die young!

@rudolf not sure what they will do but that's not the point. The donor gave up his wealth because he thinks he made a mistake with his invest in the past and now he tries to help to save our planet.

I think that is truely and it could inspire more investors to rethink what impact their investments have. That's burning our planet.

Someone in Germany donated his earnings of one million Eruros to the party because he is now convinced that he does not deserve that money due to the impact to the . He is right, Bitcoin isn't

his move is very

@ren5050 what about fixing an issue for ? It has a list of good first issues and maybe you can solve an issue there and learn as well.

It has no GUI and works on many platforms. Maybe that's a good starting point because a real project keeps you more motivated than an example project?

My first version of oxidized-mdf on
If you want to read MDF of in , please have a look.

Last week I worked with one colleagues on PREvant that is our quality assurance tool for our and that is written in . He pointed out that helps to learn and I think that he is right about this.

I'm very happy with how today's stream on atomics and memory ordering in turned out. Hopefully this'll help clear up the confusion and mystery that surrounds the std::sync::atomic module, and allow more people to write good concurrent code!

This weekend I had some time to work on my crate that parses MDF files of server. With that I'm coming closer to my first release on
With this crate I'm creating a extension to display data fo a proprietary tool. Have a look if you are interested in some code.

That's real dogfooding: paru -S paru is one of the cool tools I use very often.

@janriemer @saiba check out this toot as well:

It describes the benefits of the relationship between the compiler and you quote well.

Writing lots of #rust again lately ... and I still can't help but sing its praises!! (((o(*°▽°*)o)))

Some devs I greatly respect dismiss Rust because the language is extensive and complex (and indeed it is), but seeing is believing, and what I experience is that every day I spend developing and learning Rust, I am rewarded with weeks worth of cleaner, faster, safer code. "You can choose from 1) fast execution 2) safe execution and 3) fast development, and you can pick three" - that's rust to me. <3

@danslerush @sotolf I'm a big fan of in conjunction with
It also has desktop notifications but requires to be installed with a special feature.

@alcinnz @ayo @wolf480pl @grainloom
I think a boring programming language is a language that:
- has very clear and distinct concepts (and not too many of them)
- a well maintained set of libraries and an easy way to install them in different versions
- does not hit you in the face with NullPointerExceptions and segfaults
- when it compiles it runs

#Rust is such a language for me.

@MaciejFicek I can recommend that you give it a try. The author/maintainer is very kind and he helped me to finish my PRs.

@MaciejFicek have you considered to contribute to other projects? What about submitting pull requests to ?

@jrhawley I'm using peroxide in one of my project that requires mathematical computation. I like the API and it has good performance because you can use it in conjunction with OpenBLAS. Not sure if bacon has that.

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