There is a new version of , the new type of written in . Now, provides custom commands to do advanced scripting. Have a look at the demo:

Yesterday I stumbled accross paru that is a AUR helper for . It is really nice to see that /#Rustlang created a wave of modern tools with a modern touch. Other examples are , , , , ...Thanks to the whole community.

Have a look at paru:

Today I moved my webpage to the hoster Strato, making my webpage part of . I also implemented HTTP caching for Rocket in .

That was a lot of fun!

Yesterday I created a distroless image for the project PREvant. and work seamlessly together. Check it out:

I'm making progress on my crate oxidized-mdf that parses MSSQL server files. You are wondering why someone wants to pares these files? That's because I want to parse data from a proprietary Windows application for my plugin spgverien.

I'm finalizing a pull request that adds HTTP file caching to the HTTP framework . The maintainers seem to like it. Hopefully, it will be merged soon.

I'm now able to parse the data of tables that are contained in an MDF file with my crate oxidized-mdf. Next step is the usage in my plugin sgpverien.

@nextcloud, what is a recommended way if you want to run cmd line tools on files in a plugin?

, the customizable prompt for any shell, has been released and provides a undistraction feature. It made a lot of fun contributing this feature to this CLI tool and I'm happy to see this feature in the release.

I'm working on my crate oxidized-mdf:

It's a rewrite of the library OrcaMDF and the rewrite enables me to parse MDF files with the parser tool of my plugin spgverein.
This is required to support SPG-Verein 4 that is a proprietary Windows program. Thanks to I could provide cloud access to the data.

Maybe I will integrate the crate into as well.

I'm working on , a cross compilation tool for / to get it working on .

The file parser written in for my spgverein compiles now for on and .

Hopefully I have some time in the next couple of days to release the plugin.


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