Yesterday I stumbled accross paru that is a AUR helper for . It is really nice to see that /#Rustlang created a wave of modern tools with a modern touch. Other examples are , , , , ...Thanks to the whole community.

Have a look at paru:

@schrieveslaach Ah, I haven't really used nushell much, that's the one that kind of works like powershell with tabular responses right? I'm kind of happy with zsh this far :)

@schrieveslaach Yeah, I've been using paru as my AUR helper for about a month now, it's a great one :)

@schrieveslaach Have been using RUA for a while, it's fast and straightforward but the prompts are SOOO annoying.

/me goes to look at paru

@bhart I never used rua. Before paru I used pacaur because it is a slim CLI tool and has a similar user experience compared to pacman (even if pacaur is deprecated). For me paru is a fresh and modern alternative to pacaur.

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