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I think a boring programming language is a language that:
- has very clear and distinct concepts (and not too many of them)
- a well maintained set of libraries and an easy way to install them in different versions
- does not hit you in the face with NullPointerExceptions and segfaults
- when it compiles it runs

#Rust is such a language for me.

Has anyone experience in schema salad (github.com/common-workflow-lan) in conjunction with ? I want to create an schema to process activities with and .

At the weekend I did something crazy. I reinstalled my server with and I had to install drivers for my TBS6928SE DVB/S2 card. Unfortunately, I had to install the closed source drivers but these do not working with current versions anymore. Therefore, I had to update the AUR package with the TBS drivers. Now, my is running on .


Lust 2021 eine neue Sprache zu lernen? Isländisch wäre da mein Tipp - kraftvoll und exotisch zugleich 😂

#2021 #sprache #fun #go #diesendungmitdermaus #sprache

📈 Donations through Liberapay have reached €8000 this week. That's 150% more than a year ago, thanks to the 5977 patrons who are supporting 912 creators.

Happy new year everyone!

There is a new version of , the new type of written in . Now, provides custom commands to do advanced scripting. Have a look at the demo: youtube.com/watch?v=PO6EW7_a1t

Yesterday I stumbled accross paru that is a AUR helper for . It is really nice to see that /#Rustlang created a wave of modern tools with a modern touch. Other examples are , , , , ...Thanks to the whole community.

Have a look at paru: github.com/morganamilo/paru

Böse Zungen behaupten, die CWA sei wegen fehlender Daten nutzlos.

Richtig ist: Talkshow-Teilnahme ersetzt keine fachliche Expertise

Once again, you've done it. Despite the current events, around the world, the Fosstodon Community has completed another round of donations to a couple of awesome open source projects. <!--more--> hub.fosstodon.org/once-again-y

Today I moved my webpage to the hoster Strato, making my webpage part of . I also implemented HTTP caching for Rocket in .

That was a lot of fun!

I'm going to try out a new type of stream on Saturday @ 6pm UTC (everytimezone.com/s/86025e61): "The Unsafe Chronicles". The idea is to go through an interesting experience with unsafe Rust code and how to fix it. It'll be more "explainer" than "coding" like my usual streams — but will hopefully be interesting nonetheless!

the #programming language #rust | #rustlang gets an increasing userbase in the #science community. So much in fact, that even the journal #nature has published an article on the topic:


it's quite a natural fit, since scientists aren't the best coders. So while rust has a steep learning curve, you can still get results with speeds of C/C++ comparably fast without living in fear of segfaults (that is if the right libraries are available).

"Modern storage is plenty fast, it is the APIs that are bad" - great article on changing the programming model (yet again, making it more async/parallel) to really get the best out of NVMe storage devices

I'm disappointed: an infinite loop in a #Rust program takes a long time to execute. I though it was supposed to be a fast language!

Here is a great resource if you need to optimise your #rust application: nnethercote.github.io/perf-boo

(Even if you are writing in different programming languages, it still covers the topics you should be thinking about)

I'll be doing another Crust of Rust stream on sorting implementations this weekend. I'm thinking that since the algorithms are well-known, we can focus specifically on various -isms! The stream will be Saturday at 6pm UTC: everytimezone.com/s/15d26ae2. As usual I'll stream to both Twitch and YouTube, and upload the recording to YouTube after. This stream should hopefully be ok to follow even if you come from another language, so if you've been on the fence, now's a good time to watch 🍿

Yesterday I created a distroless image for the project PREvant. and work seamlessly together. Check it out: github.com/aixigo/PREvant/pull

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