the #programming language #rust | #rustlang gets an increasing userbase in the #science community. So much in fact, that even the journal #nature has published an article on the topic:

it's quite a natural fit, since scientists aren't the best coders. So while rust has a steep learning curve, you can still get results with speeds of C/C++ comparably fast without living in fear of segfaults (that is if the right libraries are available).

"Modern storage is plenty fast, it is the APIs that are bad" - great article on changing the programming model (yet again, making it more async/parallel) to really get the best out of NVMe storage devices

I'm disappointed: an infinite loop in a #Rust program takes a long time to execute. I though it was supposed to be a fast language!

Here is a great resource if you need to optimise your #rust application:

(Even if you are writing in different programming languages, it still covers the topics you should be thinking about)

I'll be doing another Crust of Rust stream on sorting implementations this weekend. I'm thinking that since the algorithms are well-known, we can focus specifically on various -isms! The stream will be Saturday at 6pm UTC: As usual I'll stream to both Twitch and YouTube, and upload the recording to YouTube after. This stream should hopefully be ok to follow even if you come from another language, so if you've been on the fence, now's a good time to watch 🍿

Yesterday I created a distroless image for the project PREvant. and work seamlessly together. Check it out:

For every line of async JavaScript I write I apreciate the #rustlang compiler a little more...

„Ich erzähle doch auch dem Automechaniker nicht, wo der Motor am Auto ist."

Ich möchte sofort dem Prof. Dr. #Brinkmann Fanclub für Klartext redende Virologinnen beitreten. 🥰

I'm making progress on my crate oxidized-mdf that parses MSSQL server files. You are wondering why someone wants to pares these files? That's because I want to parse data from a proprietary Windows application for my plugin spgverien.

I'm finalizing a pull request that adds HTTP file caching to the HTTP framework . The maintainers seem to like it. Hopefully, it will be merged soon.

🇩🇪 Danke für euren Input zu meiner geplanten Anfrage an die EU-Kommission, warum sie bei ihrer Kommunikation das #Fediverse ignoriert und damit Monopole verfestigt. Hier der aktuelle Entwurf und die Möglichkeit mitzuarbeiten:
🇬🇧 Thank you for your feedback regarding my draft question to the EU Commission on why it ignores the #Fediverse in its public communications and thus supports tech monopolies. Current draft:

Mögt ihr Zahlen? Wir schon!
Deswegen haben wir aus den Einreichungen zu unserer 9. Förderrunde mal wieder die spannendsten für euch rausgesucht:

I'm now able to parse the data of tables that are contained in an MDF file with my crate oxidized-mdf. Next step is the usage in my plugin sgpverien.

@nextcloud, what is a recommended way if you want to run cmd line tools on files in a plugin?

wow: is moving to a RustTLS backend – initially opt-in, but the plan is to make it the default eventually.

I did *not* see that coming. I thought we might one day get a alternative to curl, but curl itself embracing Rust is quite the vote of confidence.

(imo, more meaningful that FAANG's recent/continuing rust love)

I've just stumbled across #LowLevelAcademy and😍
They provide free courses for low-level programming in #Rust, which you can do entirely in the browser. How cool is that!?
It is mainly focused on #networking. Their first #course is already available and they seem to plan a lot more.🎉

Check it out here:

Low-Level Academy has been founded by Nikita and Andrey Baksalyar:

, the customizable prompt for any shell, has been released and provides a undistraction feature. It made a lot of fun contributing this feature to this CLI tool and I'm happy to see this feature in the release.

really taught me to think outside the box in a lot of scenarios. Simply knowing how the language handles data makes me a better programmer over all. I can highly recommend it, even if you're not a close-to-the-metal developer.

I think this can't be coincidence🤯 :
@cadey has just released a really good blogpost comparing simple concepts between #Rust and #golang. Maybe it can help you by seeing Rust and Go side-by-side:

Please don't give up on Rust. It is a beautiful language. You won't regret it, I promise.🦀


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