The latest #Rust nightly version has an option to build or install crates without downloading the full crates-io index. This can be a big speed boost for Dockerized builds and Continious Integration that doesn't cache .cargo directory.

Try it out:

Achievement unlocked! New York Times mentions Nextcloud as alternative for business users moving away from Google!

"Google is charging small businesses for apps after more than a decade of free use. Business owners say Google is being callous." @nytimes

Over 300 people got sticker packs in the Month of LibreOffice, May 2022! (If you tweeted your love for here, you should be on the list too.) Find out more:

Everytime rust-analyzer has successfully type-checked my #Rust code, I have the following image in my mind 🧠 :

A big stable steel construction with lots of aligned bars just has been build that is impossible to be deformed.

:rust: 🦀

#RustLang #StableSoftware #BigStableSteelConstruction

I'm supporting @opensourceseeds in their crowdfunding campaign to develop an rye variety.

Why do we need open source seeds?

Over the last few decades seed variety has decreased dramatically due to commercial pressure and most are owned by only a handful of companies.

In many countries (including the EU) small farmers are unable to sell or even pass on heritage seeds without obtaining prohibitively expensive paperwork.

A 🧵 1/n


I love as a developer because its lets me do cool and hacky stuff, :blobcatcool: e.g. document manipulation for a # app (, still work in progress).

I love @libreoffice as a user because it is powerful office suite.

Here is another great quote from the podcast episode: "Data is the pollution problem of the information age." Check it out, @greenfediverse

Changelog Master Feed: Schneier on security for tomorrow’s software (The Changelog #490)

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"There is no value in a system where if you forget your password, you loose your life savings. That's just dump."

Changelog Master Feed: Schneier on security for tomorrow’s software (The Changelog #490)

Malicious bots can cause a lot of damages to your websites whether it be stealing your content or scanning for vulnerabilities

Here is a very simple but extremely effective trick to defend against them:

#100DaysOfCode #hacking #programming #devops #linux

I created a PR that supports the generation of JSON compilation database in projects that use the ++ brideging. Have a look:

Now it is poosible for me to work on a project that embeds @libreoffice C++ API with my setup through the

If you’ve ever had an app on your phone that you wanted on your laptop, you’ve wanted convergence. The two big mobile OS vendors have been dreaming of convergence between laptop OS and mobile OS for a long time.
Purism is beating the duopoly to that dream, with PureOS. PureOS is convergent, and has laid the foundation for all future applications to run on both the Librem 5 phone and Librem laptops, from the same PureOS release. See it in action!

Time for a new open source variety: @opensourceseeds is crowdfunding the breeding and cultivation of a new rye variety:

From the teaser: "#OpenSourceSeeds supports breeders in the development of new and sustainable varieties of our crops. An important work that often takes many years and cannot be financially managed by small, independent companies. With this project, for the first time, we can enable the breeding of a new rye variety together as a community. Let's invest directly in the future of organic farming!"

Also check out the video. (DE)

I'm experimenting with the SDK to write a small app. I'm using the API because I want to wrap it in an backend.

It is hard to figure out how to use the API and questions on Stackoverflow are hard to align with the examples. For example, does not really help. I guess you need to be familiar with the API before you will understand it.

@libreoffice, do you have any pointers to become more comfortable with the API?

Thanks to the beautiful @play0ad screenshots I got to have a great chat with my 10 year old nephew about and . He was very impressed by the aspect and how anyone could improve and add to the software. I then showed him my name and avatar on the contribution list for @AntennaPod and he was so impressed with how many people worked together to make the app.
Just wanted to share this feel good story with the crowd, we're winning hearts and minds!

Time to play 🖲️ Mimic 3 is Mycroft's privacy-focused neural TTS engine

Register for a preview on our blog:

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