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I work at a hospital so I wear a mask everyday to work due to the current pandemic. My wife put on a mask for the first time going out in public today (because normally I take care of everything outside the house) and she mentioned how difficult it is to breathe with the mask and how bad her breath stinks.
Welcome to the club, sweetheart.

I pulled my back at work yesterday. I am painfully—very very painfully—aware of how much you use your back. Even for the smallest of things.

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More than 5.2 million guests may have had their information compromised in Marriott's second major data breach in 16 months:

There has been an 838% increase in the number of data breaches in the US between 2005 and 2019. Here's what to do if you were the victim of a data breach:

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I never had an Xbox or gaming console growing up, so my father-in-law is taking it upon himself to teach me to play Black Ops.

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Don’t let the U.S. government break encryption. It's our best digital tool to allow private conversations in an increasingly insecure world. Join EFF and help us fight back today

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Calling all teachers! LibreOffice is a great choice for schools and education – it's free and open source, compatible with Microsoft Office, and you don't have to worry about license fees, subscriptions or software audits. Learn more:

This is why my wife and I prefer either Brave or Firefox. 😂


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