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Is it just me, or is it somewhat brazen and/or tacky when a recruiter sends unsolicited job postings to your work email?

Sigh. Another promising podcast/video series ruined by f-bombs.

Gopher and Gemini both interest me, but they also both lack a few things I really enjoy about the Web: hypertext (I love contextual linking), some measure of structured document formatting (I enjoy well-typeset books) and inline images (I like diagrams and photography).

Every time I do a home improvement project I feel like an archaeologist. I uncover the ruins of an earlier age, and it becomes way more involved than it appeared on the surface.

Well, that experiment was short lived. Apparently current versions of Chromium has removed the option to stop embedded audio and video from auto-playing. Plus the Android experience wasn't great.

Back to Firefox it is for now, and I'll only use Chrome when I need to use SSO/OAuth logins for work apps.

Broke down and did a side-load of F-droid so I can install Bromite. Mobile Firefox is kind of broken, and I've grown tired of waiting for bugs to get fixed.

Frustrating. Chrome/Chromium is noticeably faster/better at rendering web pages, but Firefox has far superior UI/UX. With the recent RIF at Mozilla, I'm not expecting the performance gap to close any time soon.

I also think it's only a matter of time before I switch to something Chrome/Chromium based. I'm already seeing problems with common web apps I interact with, and I expect that will continue to get worse.

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I think the only thing keeping me on Firefox at this point is multi-account containers, and the rolling dumpster fire that is mobile browsers on Android.

I find it incredibly tacky when vendor sales reps send out LinkedIn invitations on the weekend. It just screams desperation.

Incidentally, I would think twice about using their cloud platform for the same reason. You never know when they are going to retire a service you depend on, up to and including the entirety of Google Cloud Platform.

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Definitely won't purchase any media from Google ever again. Effectively they have become Microsoft, where they launch a service where you purchase media and then pull the rug out from under you when it doesn't make as much money as they would like.

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That's neat. Got my email announcing the death of Google Play Music. While they do migrate your purchased music to YouTube Music, you won't be able to download the music ever again outside of the app.

Bleh. I have to do a production deployment tonight, so I'm back working again at 22:30. On the plus side, we will be able to do most of our deployments during business hours after this one goes out.

A couple of observations now that I've been using my zettelkasten for a few weeks:

1. This system is definitely tailored towards writing. I'll probably be making some adjustments to make it more useful as a more general knowledge base
2. Having a directory of files with numeric names is not easy to navigate

Going to date myself here, but I was digging through a toolbox and uncovered this relic.

Very useful tool for multiple ISOs on a USB stick

Ventoy is an open source tool to create bootable USB drive for ISO files.

I wrote a short article about weird corner cases I've encountered with Jenkins pipelines and Groovy.

TIL about GNvim, a "Neovim GUI aiming for rich code editing experience without any unnecessary web bloat"

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